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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finally Christmas 2010

Christmas is finally hereeeeeeee!!
Before we left for Riverside Chris and I bundled up the kids and took them around the neighborhood to see all the lights. Rylee loved it and Brady didn't seem to mind it!!
We were in Riverside this Christmas and I loved every minute of it. My mom had Rylee and Brady's stockings made and they were fabulous. My mom's very favorite part of Christmas is doing the stockings Bryn and I still get one and so do Chris and Scott, and they are always on the ground because they are to heavy to hang above the fireplace

Christmas morning was not as chaotic as I thought it would be. Rylee was very reserve in opening her presents, I think she even left 2 unopened, she just couldn't take it!! Brady was asleep and missed Christmas all together! So there is always one person that gives THAT gift well this year it was from Scott to Rylee. . . .This giant ball 4 feet tall and you can climb inside. Bryn and Scott were the only one's that knew how hard it would be to blow this thing up. It took half an hour and all of us to do it. Once it was done we couldn't get Rylee out of it!! There were also bikes and scooters and clothes and toys and everything else a little girl could ever dream of :) Rylee even loved her presents before they were unwrapped. She would hug the presents and the tree and say I love you presents, I love you Christmas Tree!! It was so cute :)

Rylee was very excited that she got an electric toothbrush in her stocking from Santa!

Champagne and Mimosas for Christmas morning!!Chris and Brady on Christmas morning!

Rylee and JJ making the fire, because it was soooooo cold!!

After we did Christmas at Yaya and JJ's house with Mimi and Grandpa we went over to my Aunt and Uncle's house to do Christmas with Nonnie and Papa!

Finally a boy in the family! Oh Brady man you are the first. . . . .

I'm pretty sure that Christmas tried to kill me this year!!

With all the parties, shopping, dinners, photo shoots, meetings with Santa, events and just all the craziness that comes along with the holiday season, I only cancelled one event . . . My family Christmas party :( Sorry people I just couldn't take one more event! Next year you are my only priority. After the kids and I made it to Riverside I could finally take a breath and was so happy to have a couple extra sets of hands. I really could not do it without my mom and dad, Bryn and Scott. And the kicker is. . .My parents kept the kids so Chris and I could go to a wedding on NYE!!!

When we picked the kids up on New Years Day my mom said, "Don't have any more kids, because I don't think I could do it!!" Oh mom you are the best, thank you so much for all you, Dad, Bryn and Scott do. Chris and I are very lucky!

This year was fantastic from start to finish and I wouldn't change anything. Mr. Brady joined our family, Rylee is just as crazy as ever and Chris and I are so HAPPY that our family is complete. We have everything we need and we can focus on making new memories in 2011.

My motto for 2011. . . .


Now that it is all over I am moving on to my/Rylee's new year's resolution!!


Wish me luck!!

Live from the Wild World,


Monday, December 13, 2010

More Merrier Christmas Stuff . . . .

Yep you guessed it . . . .
ANOTHER Christmas where Rylee is crying on Santa!! Brady didn't seem to be phased, just another "woke up in the car, now where am I" moment!!

Merry Christmas from the Mission Inn. A fabulous tradition we have started. My Mimi and Grandpa get a room at the Mission Inn and then we come have a drink in the bar, take a carriage ride around to see the lights and then have a fantastic dinner. Thanks for a wonderful evening!!

Sweeney and I did an impromptu photo shoot with the boys . . .

Guaranteed in 10 years this will be fantastic black mail!!!!

Rylee did not want to be in any apparatus with any of the boys.
More Merry Christmas from the Hlinka's
Live from the Wild World,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas is finally in full effect in the Hlinka home!!
The tree and the lights are up, the village is bustling and the Christmas cards have been sent out!!! The presents are wrapped, the parties are ongoing and we are headed to the Mission Inn this weekend. Christmas songs are being played in the car and Rylee is the pickiest Christmas song picker ever!!! The house will be lit up this weekend like the 4th of July for the annual Christmas light contest. We won last year but have some new stiff competition this year, wish us luck!! I will keep you posted on the results :)
Marla and Sprout Photography did a fantastic job taking our Christmas card pictures this year. Dealing with our crazy family is a job in its self. I think we got some really good pictures and everyone had a such a fun time taking them. After all of the serious Christmas card pictures were taken Marla thought it would be fun to play in the trees with the good light. And what a fantastic job she did. Chris wanted to know why he is always used as a prop in the pictures or placed in the background?!?!?

I think my friend said it best, looks like Twilight meets the Nordstrom catalogue!!I'm pretty sure I have the sexiest husband on the planet!!!The Tavaglione women!!Rylee dancing in the middle of Balboa Park to "D's Song"

We finally got a good picture of the whole family!!

The Complete Hlinka Family!!!

Oh the boys!!!
Dad is so happy to finally have some men in the family!!

At the end we all got a little silly. . . . what a fun picture
I love taking pictures, I could probably stand in front of a camera for hours if someone would stand behind it. . . but I know not everyone loves taking pictures and the boys especially did a great job. Marla made it so fun and easy, we would all do it again tomorrow!!
Rylee is so excited for Santa to come to her house and fill her stocking with presents, yet I'm not sure how excited she is about going and sitting on Santa's lap!! We are going next Monday so I'll let you know how that turns out. . . .
Live from the wild world,

Holiday Cocktail Block Party

Let me just start off by saying I love my neighborhood and the people we have met here are so fantastic. We all sort of bonded when the fires happened a couple years ago and it has brought us all together years later. We have had alley block parties in the summer, women's get together's and this year I thought it would be fun to do a Holiday block party. We stashed the kids up in the guest suite with some of my favorite babysitters, and the adults got to have some well deserved adult time. Chris turned the "built in BBQ" into a bar and everyone was ready to party!! For some reason I have declared myself the social director of our neighborhood and I love it. My wonderful mother came down and helped Chris and I get ready for the block party, we had about 40 people and 2o kids. It was so much fun.

The food was great and the company was even better . . . .

I think everyone had a good time, the food was gone the alcohol was gone and we didn't climb into bed until midnight so I think it was a success!! Hopefully we can keep the parties coming, at every get together there is a new face and a new baby. It is crazy to see how our neighborhood has grown in the 3 1/2 years we have been here. It is a great feeling of community and I love living in San Diego!!
(Sorry mom but I don't think I'm moving back to Riverside anytime soon :( )

Live from the Wild World,


AKA: Maybeck Social Director (Ha)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Aunt B's Birthday

Just a quick update on Mr. B
He is now 5 months and loving his rice cereal and bananas!!Mr. Brady has found his feet and loves to hang on to them!!

Oh Bryn's birthday MONTH . . .
Bryn's b-day was a month long event this year and she deserved every day of it!! Rylee and I made her a puzzle and sent her a piece of it over the whole month. It finally read. . . .

You have traveled far and wide for us now its time for YOU to travel far and wide!!
We got her an all expense paid trip to the famous San Diego Gaslamp District and a room at the Hard Rock Hotel. Heather and Trevor and Chris and I surprised her all through the night.
This biggest surprise of the night was when we were ready to walk back to the hotel it was pouring rain!!! It was crazy, I would show you the pics but Heather never sent them to me, *tear *tear!! (Better late than never!!)
Bryns birthday dinner at my parents house was CRAZY!!! Rylee kept saying appy irtday D and wanted everyone to wear their party hats and toot their party horns! I think Rylee thought it was her birthday.

My mom got Bryn this shirt that was big enough for her and Rylee to fit in and then we noticed that everyone had on a black and grey striped shirt!!!

Bryn and Rylee are best friends anything Aunt B does Rylee wants to do or be a part of. On a daily basis Rylee asks to call D and wants to Skype on the computer. She just loves her to pieces! She is the best aunt ever so it's hard not to love her.

Live from the wild world,


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dirty Mamas

Del Mar Mud Run 2010!!
About 2 months ago I got this great idea to do a 5K mud run (3.2miles). I recruited the best of the best to be on our team. We trained, picked a team name (Dirty Mamas) and designed our shirts. The Dirty Mamas were ready to run, jump over walls climb up dirt mountains and crawl through the mud at any cost. And did we have fun??
I think the pictures speak for themselves!!
This was the last mud pit before the finish line and the crowd was chanting. . .Crawl Crawl Crawl. . . so we did!! There was lots of mud
My biggest supporters were there to cheer me on. Chris is the best dad ever. He had to round up both kids bring the double stroller, take pictures and video, and then wear Mr. Brady!!!

Corn balls we are. . . anything for a photo op!! Just a little bit muddy!

We did it can you believe it. We trained hard, persevered and it all paid off. What a fun experience. I was glad I could do it with my best friends.
All the Dirty Mamas and their crew. Thanks for coming out and cheering us on we really needed it :)
Job well done ladies.. . .until next year!! Tutus and eyelashes!!
Thanks to all the guys who had to cart around the kids, push the strollers, feed the baby's and support their Dirty Mama! We couldn't do it with out you :)
A glimpse inside the finale of the Mud Run!!

Live from the wild world,


(the #1 Dirty Mama)