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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Name Game

Ok here it is. . . . .

The final poll is up! Vote for the name that you like best
and we should have a winner in May!!!

May the best name win!!

Will it be Brady or will it be Logan. . . you decide!!

Live from the wild world,


Rylee's 2nd Birthday

Rylee's 2nd Birthday Party was an

Rylee's party was so much fun. She had all of her little friends
there (20 2 year olds!!) It was crazy but they all seemed
to be having a good time running around!
This year she enjoyed her cake, singing Happy Birthday and
blowing out the candles. Our friends daughter Alina even came
equipped with her violin to serenade Rylee as we all sang. It was
so precious! Thanks Alina!!

I can't believe I have a 2 year old!!!

Yaya and JJ got Rylee a Schwinn Tricycle and she has not
gotten off of it since she sat on it!!

All of the kids were ready with their bags in
hand ready to hunt for eggs . .
and they were off!!

Rylee loved finding the eggs, putting them in her

basket. . .and eating all the

chocolate she found inside of them!!
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It was a great party, we have wonderful
friends and family that support all the
crazy ideas we come up with.
Thanks so much for all of your help
the party wouldn't have been successful
with out you!!
Live from the wild world,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Name Game

Only 2 days left to vote before the
list gets narrowed down to just 3!!!!
Get your vote in and make your
choice known. . .
Live from the Wild World

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby Boy's New Room

The beginning of the baby's new room

Today begins the transformation of the new baby's room!! The beadboard is going up at a rapid pace. The bottom is going to be white and above the beadboard is going to be red. . .so hopefully the bedding will be navy with red accents. . . SOOOOOOOoooooo excited!!

On top of the beadboard is going to be a really cute shelf to put a funky spin on the traditional beadboard that is in Rylee's room. . .they will have similar looking rooms but still have their own detail.

I am so excited to begin this process it means it's really happening, there is going to be a boy in this room! I still can't believe it.

When it is all done with paint and everything. . . I will post more pictures. And then eventually the crib and dresser. We are moving Rylee's crib over to her brothers room and getting her some new big girl furniture, but that requires her to transition from the crib to the big girl bed and I just don't think I am ready for that!!!

On a Rylee note: Mimi and Grandpa purchased a toddler bed for the beach!! The dorm will really be just that, 3 twin beds, 1 toddler bed and a crib!!!!!!!!! So much fun, I can't wait. Spring break will be Rylee's transition from crib to toddler bed at the beach. . .I think she will really like it, we will have to wait and see.

Live from the wild world,


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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Name Game

As you all may know we (Chris and I) didn't pick Rylee's name until AFTER she was born. And that was a major headache for lots and I mean LOTS of people!! So this time around I am trying really hard to pick a name for our little prince BEFORE he gets here . . .

Here is where you come in. . . . Help us pick a name!! I want any and all suggestions and believe me my mother has thrown out every name in the book only to be given "Well we will think about it?!?!" Nothing is off limits, you just can't be offended if your name gets shot down as well.

After we get a really long list of names I will narrow it down to a top 5 list. Keep in mind that his middle name will be Christopher!!

Happy Name Hunting. . . . the person with the winning name will be rewarded!!!

Have fun

Live from the wild world,


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Bear 2010

This year we decided to forgo Mammoth because of me being preggo and Rylee being a little to little to hit the slopes. . . But we couldn't resist the snow. Sooooooo we decided to try Big Bear for the weekend. We found a cabin to rent, packed up and hit the road, it was supposed to be a snowy trip but it turned out to be perfect weather. My mom packed all the food, Chris brought the drinks and it was a good time had by all!!! Dada and Uncle Scott built the best snowman I have ever seen, he was taller than Aunt B!!!
It was a fantastic trip, Rylee's best friend Bella and her family happened to be there the same weekend so we got to hang out with them for a fun day of sledding. We also ran into some family up in Big Bear too so it made the weekend that much better.
Thanks Yaya and JJ for such a fun vacation in Big Bear!!
Next year we are Mammoth bound for Rylee's first time on ski's, I can't wait!!

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Pregnancy Brain

OK so I deleted my blog accidentally!!! I blame it on my pregnancy brain hard at work. . . I will be trying to update it ASAP.