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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Name Game

As you all may know we (Chris and I) didn't pick Rylee's name until AFTER she was born. And that was a major headache for lots and I mean LOTS of people!! So this time around I am trying really hard to pick a name for our little prince BEFORE he gets here . . .

Here is where you come in. . . . Help us pick a name!! I want any and all suggestions and believe me my mother has thrown out every name in the book only to be given "Well we will think about it?!?!" Nothing is off limits, you just can't be offended if your name gets shot down as well.

After we get a really long list of names I will narrow it down to a top 5 list. Keep in mind that his middle name will be Christopher!!

Happy Name Hunting. . . . the person with the winning name will be rewarded!!!

Have fun

Live from the wild world,



  1. Really LOVE Logan. But also really like Braydon....

  2. Mason...Dane...I like Steph's Logan, too. :) Oh so fun!!

  3. Check out this site for baby names...really cute. http://www.whatalovelyname.com/

    I did a blog post about it awhile back! http://erin-wilson.blogspot.com/2008/12/lovely-name.html

  4. My picks:
    * Dane
    * Hudson
    * Cade
    * Owen
    * Carson
    * Cole
    * Luke
    * Maxwell
    * Jackson

  5. Hey Erin that is such a cute little site I will be returning to it A LOT!!! Thanks!

  6. I like Ryder and Talon (from Laguna Beach, lame I know but still think it is cute). if you hate them I promise I won't cry :)

  7. Mandi i was thinking Ryder too! I think rylee and ryder would be so cute!!!!!