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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rylee's 2nd Birthday

Rylee's 2nd Birthday Party was an

Rylee's party was so much fun. She had all of her little friends
there (20 2 year olds!!) It was crazy but they all seemed
to be having a good time running around!
This year she enjoyed her cake, singing Happy Birthday and
blowing out the candles. Our friends daughter Alina even came
equipped with her violin to serenade Rylee as we all sang. It was
so precious! Thanks Alina!!

I can't believe I have a 2 year old!!!

Yaya and JJ got Rylee a Schwinn Tricycle and she has not
gotten off of it since she sat on it!!

All of the kids were ready with their bags in
hand ready to hunt for eggs . .
and they were off!!

Rylee loved finding the eggs, putting them in her

basket. . .and eating all the

chocolate she found inside of them!!
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It was a great party, we have wonderful
friends and family that support all the
crazy ideas we come up with.
Thanks so much for all of your help
the party wouldn't have been successful
with out you!!
Live from the wild world,


  1. We had such a GREAT time!! Thank you!!

  2. It looks like the party was a success. I am sorry I had to miss it this year. She is so cute and I also can not believe you have a two year old. I was thinking about when we used to dress up the same and tell people we were twins. Good times!! I miss you guys and I hope I can come out when you have the baby...or sometime around that! Love ya