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Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Spring Break 2010

This year Rylee's Birthday fell on Easter Sunday so we had a double celebration!!
We must have sang Happy Birthday a million times, she loved singing and blowing out the candles

We spent Easter Sunday in Newport Beach . . . Aunt B and Scott were there and Rylee got to hunt for eggs multiple times because Scott and Chris kept hiding them after she would find them all!!

Bryn is the best aunt in the world she rode Rylee up and down the street and Rylee would yell Weeeeeee every time she would pass us. She really loves riding on the back of the bike.We had 2 good beach days and Rylee could have stayed out on the beach all day eating sandy BP&J and playing with boys she met on the beach.

Fun little family picture!!

Angle's opening day was Grrrrreat!! Rylee had her Angle's garb on, rally monkey in hand and a bag full of popcorn . . . What more could she want. She loves going to the games and being part of the action. She flirts with the boys behind us, adores the guy that sits next to us, high fives and claps at every exciting moment, and tries to flag down every vendor that walks up or down the aisle!!

Of course during 7th inning stretch she got up on JJ's shoulders and got on TV!! We got many texts and phone calls from people telling us they saw her on TV. . . how exciting!!

Rylee's best friend at the beach is Jace. They play the piano together, and love to go play at the park. It is so fun that Rylee has a friend her age to play with at the beach, they are so cute together and we just love him. . .you never know what could happen down the road. . . I think that Aunt B and Scott have a picture that looks kinda like this hint hint!! Thanks for coming down Heather and playing with us we had such a fun time with you guys, next Spring Break there will be 4. . Aghhhhh!!!

It was a great week in Newport Beach for spring break. We are so lucky that Mimi and Grandpa let us take over their house, let us throw our toys and clothes all over the place and still invite us back the following weekend! Yaya got to take the whole week off to and be with us and I don't think that I could ever do without her, she is the biggest help ever!!! She gets the award for best mom and Yaya ever (she learned from the best!!)
1st Annual Spring Break in the books!!
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  1. Looks like you girls had sooo much fun! Love that Rylee is already picking up on the boys at the beach haha. You're in BIG trouble mama!