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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a Weekend

Out with the old and in with the new!!

It has now come the time where Rylee will move from her crib to her new big girl bed. Last weekend she voluntarily wanted to sleep in my bed at my parents house and did so with out a peep. I thought this is my chance. . . ran out bought her the bed, sheets (my mom found), comforter, and pillow!! Chris and I were prepared to do the transition this weekend. Thursday we dismantled the crib, moved it into Brady's room, brought up the big girl bed, assembled the rails, made the bed and it was timmmmmmmmeeeeeeee!!!!

Thursday night we put her to bed and she loved it "night night mama" and down she went!! I looked at Chris and said this has to be to good to be true . . . famous last words right?? Down without a peep at 8:00pm . . . .up screaming at 10:00pm . . . not because she hated the bed but because she was sick!!! Great, the weekend we pick to do the bed transition is also the weekend she gets sick. High fever, snot, watery eyes and drool like you can't imagine.

Friday not only Rylee gets sick but now I am sick (same symptoms minus the drool) . . . Sick baby and sick preggo mommy not a good combo for a healthy daddy!! At least one of us is well . . . Friday and Saturday night there is no sleeping by anyone in the Hlinka home, and to make it worse, Rylee is now complaining that her teeth hurt. Sick, compounded by environmental change and 2yr old molars attempting to come in is not a fantastic combo.

Chris is so great, he took Rylee to the park so I could sleep and made all meals for us . . . He really is the best Dadda/Husband in the world. Although just as I am typing this he mentions he now has a sore throat. . . I knew he couldn't escape it.

Hopefully Monday will bring healthy Hlinka's with more energy and less snot.

Needless to say the big girl bed transition was a 75% success!! She is taking great naps in it, not getting out without calling for me and going down like an angel . . . Now if we can get her healthy enough to sleep through the night it will be 100% success!!

Live from the wild world,



  1. What a wild world, indeed! Hope you guys are on the mend...let me know if you need me to run over some mediocre home cooked food :) Or anything else for that matter! I'm just down the road!

  2. Thanks Marla we are all feeling much better!! But I do always love some mediocre home cooked food!!!

  3. You are right it is Whitney's Wild World!!! I am so excited for the big girl bed...I want to see pictures of it. I also want to see pictures of the babies room...please share! :) Love and miss you guys...feel better!