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Whitney's Wild World is just that . . . a little blog to chronicle the crazy times inside my wild world!! We finally made it to a family of 4 and are enjoying every day we have together!! Check up on us to see all that goes on inside Whitney's Wild World . . . . . . .


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

3 Big Ones!

Happy Anniversary!!
May 25, 2007
3 years ago we were married in front of our friends and family!!

Love our wedding party
You are all such wonderful friends and we love you!!

Best day of our lives!

So happy!!

Who could forget that dance? Every time Chris

hears "Our Song" he wants to do the dance!!

Great way to end our night!!

We have had an amazing past 3 years, we have bought a house, traveled, had our daughter and now awaiting our little Brady, started wonderful family traditions, and can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. . . .

A wise man once told me. . . "the first 3 years are the easiest" Guess we will have to wait and see. . . .

Live from the Wild World,


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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brady's Room

This weekend was totally dedicated to finishing up the kids rooms, Rylee was on vacation and Chris and I ran around San Diego like crazy people. I think we are 90% finished. . .
Here is the process

What a project!! First the bead board went up. . .

Then the shelf was added. . .

Finished before paint. . .With paint it is starting to look good . . .
Love that the shelf adds some personality!!

Pottery Barn bedding (thanks Mom) I think its just perfect for a little boy.
Chris thinks that I am now obsessed with the letter "B" These B's will eventually end up hanging up on the wall above the bed but I have not completed my collection. I now look everywhere I am for B's. So if you are out and you spot a B let me know and I will rush right down and get it. . . .Don't tell Chris!!
We didn't want to go with a theme. Better to go with something he can
grow into and not have to completely redo in couple years.
Rylee's Room is now pretty much finished!! We found a dresser for her but of course it is going to take 5 weeks and the delivery date . . . June 29th!! Crazy!

Just a little update on the goings on in San Diego!! Thank God for Yaya and JJ who kept Rylee this weekend so Chris and I could get all of this done. It is amazing what you can accomplish without the presence of a 2 year old. But now I miss her and can't wait to go pick her up!
Live from the Wild World,

Friday, May 21, 2010

Brady's Countdown

39 Days and counting . . . .

Let the vacation begin . . . for Rylee anyway!! Chris and I will be running around San Diego county doing errands to tie up loose ends before Mr. Brady makes his arrival.

We shipped Rylee off to Yaya and JJ's for the weekend so we could finish Brady and Rylee's room. Almost a month away is way to close for me not to be ready. Even though he will be in our room in a bassinet for the first 3 months, his room has to be ready and waiting!!

We decide to move all of Rylee's baby furniture into Brady's room and get her some big girl furniture. The big girl bed was an easy success but, we have yet to find her a dresser so we will be on the hunt for one this weekend. The crib has been moved and dressed with his new bedding we are going to move the changing table from Rylee's room into Brady's room, clean out his closet (that means I now have to find another closet to store MY stuff) so that I can put away all of his little BLUE clothes. It seems so much simpler, no ruffles to iron (not that I iron Rylee's), no hair accessories, and no pink. This is definitely new territory for me.

Hopefully by the time we pick up Rylee on Sunday both rooms will be fully furnished and ready to be lived in. Pictures should be posted then . . . . so excited to show them both off!!

Live from the Wild World,


Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Birthday!!

Well . . . Brady has a new birthday!
Wednesday, June 30th 2010 at Noon

It's kind of crazy to think that he isn't even here yet and his birthday has already been changed multiple times, and who knows it could still be changed. . . I could go into labor before the scheduled C-Section!! (let's hope not!)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just My Luck

Today Rylee and I went to my 32 week apt, just a check up to see how little Brady is growing!!

Good news. . . he is doing just great in there. We got to hear his heart beat and she took a bunch of measurements. . .

Bad News . . .
She pushed back my C-Section date :( Boo Hoo!!

She decided that June 25th was just a little to early for a boy (boys develop slower than girls) and the doctor who scheduled it didn't inform me that having a C-Section in your 38 week also comes with added risk (under developed lungs) and added procedures (amniocentesis) so needless to say I am not so sad to push it back a little! Hopefully I will get a new date sometime this week. My doctor said probably more like June 30th. . .

We just want him to be healthy when he makes his debut and not have to be whisked away to the NICU for breathing problems, so we will be very happy with whatever date is decided upon. So as I am sure that you have all put June 25th in your calendar you can erase and wait for the new one!!

I will keep you posted. . .

Live from the Wild World,
(and it's been Wild lately)


PS. . .Rylee is doing great sleeping in her big girl bed. . . never gets out and calls for me (or Yaya) when she wakes up :) What a good little 2 year old!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kid Fest 2010

Rylee was a Rock Star at Kid Fest, she made her own spaghetti
necklace, picked up a guitar and rocked green shades that
matched perfectly!!!

Rylee and Chris don't go anywhere with out their bag of popcorn!!
She was having a great time watching all the people from atop
Daddy's shoulders.

Picture Perfect!!!

Live from the Wild World,