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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brady's Room

This weekend was totally dedicated to finishing up the kids rooms, Rylee was on vacation and Chris and I ran around San Diego like crazy people. I think we are 90% finished. . .
Here is the process

What a project!! First the bead board went up. . .

Then the shelf was added. . .

Finished before paint. . .With paint it is starting to look good . . .
Love that the shelf adds some personality!!

Pottery Barn bedding (thanks Mom) I think its just perfect for a little boy.
Chris thinks that I am now obsessed with the letter "B" These B's will eventually end up hanging up on the wall above the bed but I have not completed my collection. I now look everywhere I am for B's. So if you are out and you spot a B let me know and I will rush right down and get it. . . .Don't tell Chris!!
We didn't want to go with a theme. Better to go with something he can
grow into and not have to completely redo in couple years.
Rylee's Room is now pretty much finished!! We found a dresser for her but of course it is going to take 5 weeks and the delivery date . . . June 29th!! Crazy!

Just a little update on the goings on in San Diego!! Thank God for Yaya and JJ who kept Rylee this weekend so Chris and I could get all of this done. It is amazing what you can accomplish without the presence of a 2 year old. But now I miss her and can't wait to go pick her up!
Live from the Wild World,


  1. Love it!! Look how many "B's" you have found already!!

  2. It looks so cute. I love all the B's too. I will keep my eyes open for great ones in AZ...I think he needs one from here!!! Can't wait to come and see it in real life. Love you.