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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just My Luck

Today Rylee and I went to my 32 week apt, just a check up to see how little Brady is growing!!

Good news. . . he is doing just great in there. We got to hear his heart beat and she took a bunch of measurements. . .

Bad News . . .
She pushed back my C-Section date :( Boo Hoo!!

She decided that June 25th was just a little to early for a boy (boys develop slower than girls) and the doctor who scheduled it didn't inform me that having a C-Section in your 38 week also comes with added risk (under developed lungs) and added procedures (amniocentesis) so needless to say I am not so sad to push it back a little! Hopefully I will get a new date sometime this week. My doctor said probably more like June 30th. . .

We just want him to be healthy when he makes his debut and not have to be whisked away to the NICU for breathing problems, so we will be very happy with whatever date is decided upon. So as I am sure that you have all put June 25th in your calendar you can erase and wait for the new one!!

I will keep you posted. . .

Live from the Wild World,
(and it's been Wild lately)


PS. . .Rylee is doing great sleeping in her big girl bed. . . never gets out and calls for me (or Yaya) when she wakes up :) What a good little 2 year old!!


  1. Sorry you have to hang in there a bit longer! Although he will have an AWESOME birthday if it's the 30th (My Drew will be 4 that day!)..I actually did have it in my calendar so I'll have to change it :)

  2. I am so excited because I was going to be out of town on the 25th, so this is good news for me!! Yay for baby boy I can't wait to meet him!!