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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Fun times had in Newport Beach for Memorial Day Weekend!!

Rylee is quite the beach baby. She loves to be sandy and wet; she can jump the waves and play in a hole for hours on end. And when she is done with the beach she just gets up, says all done and walks in toward the house. The beach is a fantastic place to take her. . .
After a long beach day she got to take and outside shower with Aunt D!!
Sitting on the beach with Dada, eating watermelon under the umbrella. . . Don't get sunburned!!

Hard day on the beach = a beer on the patio!

Oh and then a 21st birthday celebration Patron shot!! Happy 21st Birthday Courtney . . .Next time you come to town I'm going to Woody's with you!!
Grandpa and his grand daughters and great grand daughter!!

Little family of 3 about to become a big family of 4!!
Rylee and Jace as the little prince and princess. . .We were celebrating Jace's 2nd birthday
We love Memorial Day weekend as the start of summer and there is no better place to spend it than Newport Beach!! Thanks Nini and Grandpa for letting us invade your house. . .we loved it!
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  1. Looks like Rylee is taking after her mother! That is the cutest little swimsuit ever, oh how I miss the beach! Whitney you are looking so cute and pregnant I can't wait for Brady to come. He is one lucky little baby boy! I love and miss you guys so much. Tell the family Hello from me :)