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Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Fun!

What a Wild Weekend it was in the Hlinka Home!!

Rylee and I went over to my friend Sweeney's house to go swimming and Rylee loves the pool just as much as she loves the beach. I told her we were going over and she wanted to wear her bathing suit on the car on the ride over, it was so cute!
On Saturday night we went out for an adult night to celebrate Chris' 33rd Birthday! We went to BBQ's galore for a cooking class. It was a really fun night, we learned how to make a Colombian Masterpiece.

Sunday for brunch, the girls threw me a little baby sprinkle for Brady. It was perfect. Just a bunch of girls getting together to celebrate a little boy. Stephanie did a wonderful job it looked great and the food was really tasty!! Thanks to everybody who helped. . .it was fun to have a little girl time :) Now we just have to wait for Brady to get here so he can wear all of his cute little outfits!!
Last but not least. . .
Rylee went to her 1st Movie!!
We took her to see Shrek and she absolutely loved it. She sat in her own seat with her popcorn and sippy cup through the whole movie! I couldn't believe it. . . . it wasn't exactly the movie experience we have come to know, she talked a lot and wouldn't let Chris or I have our arm on HER arm rest, but she did stay in her seat the whole time! And I think I watched her more than I watched the movie. It is so crazy to watch all of her firsts through her eyes, I love it, I love every minute of it.

So yesterday when we made it home from the movie and a crazy weekend, Chris looked down and my swollen ankles and asked me what was in store for me this week. I rambled off about a million things (I never have a free day in my week) and he said "you need to stay home and keep your feet up"!! I don't think I have ever laughed so hard. . . I then looked at him and asked if he was taking the week off so I could "stay home and keep my feet up"
Today I went to the mall walked around for about 2 1/2 hours and came home and thought I am going take Chris' advice and put my feet up. When Rylee woke up it was hot and she wanted to go to the splash park. . .soooooo i packed up to go, bathing suit on, sunscreen on, hat on, cover up on, snacks packed, sippy cup packed, towel packed. Tossed everything including Rylee, in the wagon, walked 2 blocks to the Splash park pulling the wagon only to find out. . . . . .
Needless to say my ankles and now more swollen than they were yesterday. . .So much for putting my feet up, I tried :)

Live from the Wild World,

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