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Monday, July 26, 2010

1st Day all by ourselves!!

Today is officially the first day all by ourselves (me, Rylee and Brady)!!

I accomplished the #1 goal of motherhood . . . Always shower!!

I guess you could call it a shower . . . the water hit me, there was some soap involved, and I think I got all the conditioner out of my hair but I really don't remember the whole experience.

Chris and I were up all night as Mr. Brady was reluctant to sleep at night but loved sleeping ALL DAY!!!!

After I showered, Rylee wanted to put on her "twirling dress" and take a picture to show Dada. Before she took the pictures she had to put her make up on like Mama :) And the outfit was not complete with a bow and it had to be pink!!

After Rylee went down for her nap I did 2 loads of laundry, took everything from downstairs to upstairs, watched a little Kourtney and Khloe take Miami, and made some Bruchetta for a going away party I went to. Only to find out that she is not napping ERrrrrr . . . . . .

God Bless the video monitor . . . well maybe?? I haven't decided if it is a blessing or a curse . . . I can now see that she is NOT napping at all!! Came back from lunch thinking Rylee was worn out from running around and would nap like a champ, not the case. . .oh the video monitor!!

The night was amazing . . . . Brady slept wonderfully! Its all I could have asked for for my Birthday, what a wonderful gift SLEEP!!!!

I think our 1st day by ourselves was very successful, I guess I will do it again tomorrow :)

Live from the Wild World,


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  1. I love this!! She is WAY too cute and I am loving your new header pic!! Love those little Hlinka kids!!