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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Me, Myself and I

When you are the blogger, the one who writes the stories and puts up the pictures there is no one other than yourself to toot your own horn on a day like today. . . so here goes

I've noticed from my Friends that this particular birthday seems to be a hard one. I know the big 3-0 is right around the corner but I am loving 29 already!!
I woke up next to my fabulous husband and Mr. Brady this morning. Jumped in bed with Miss Rylee and got to shower all before 7:30am. What a way to start my birthday.
Its easy to feel great on your birhtday when you know you have a FANTASTIC family and a wonderful group of friends that support me and all my crazy ideas.
Chris puts up with me and makes everyday more fun than the last. I wanted to be done having kids by 30 and I accomplished that one year ahead of schedule. Rylee and Brady make me smile every day, I just love watching every new experience through their eyes.
I get to take Rylee to gymnastics today, my Mimi and Grandpa are taking me to lunch and Chris is coming home early so we can celebrate my bday tonight. Sounds like a great birthday to me!!
30 I am coming for you next year. . . .you better be ready!!!!!
Sorry for a little bit of blog brag!!
Live from the Wild World,

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  1. Hey nobody minds a little blog brag, you deserve it! Hope you have the best birthday bestie! xoxo