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Friday, August 6, 2010

Brady's Birth Announcement

It is official . . . Brady has been introduced to the mass population via snail mail . . . yes I made them myself and sent them off. Now that they are out I can show them off via technology!! Whew. . . . now if only he would sleep through the night :)

Photos: Sprout Photography

Hat: Allison Tavaglione!!

I am absolutely loving my Photoshop Elements program. I just wish I had a little more time to spend with it. I love that I get to make all my own cards, and invitations, thank yous, and especially my own Christmas Card . . . so excited!!!

Brady is doing just great! At his 1 month apt he weighed a whopping 10lbs 9oz and was 22 1/4 inches long!! He smiled for the first time yesterday while laying in bed with me and Miss Rylee, and holding his head up by himself. He is so cute I just love him, he is reminding me of Rylee more and more everyday. He is loosing is hair just as Rylee did, I'm sure it will all be gone by Halloween and a true toe head by Christmas. We think he might be a tad colic but I am trying not to use that word. I am doing everything I can to help out his little tummy, I have cut out chocolate, and all other gas emitting foods :( Bye bye birthday cake . . . . tear! Hopefully it will help him and me to, chocolate can't help take off baby weight.

Rylee is being a crazy 2 year old. I think she is the loudest person I have ever been in contact with but my family begs to differ. . .I can't imagine who they think is louder?!?!? She is taking gymnastics and is the best one in her class, not bias I swear. She wears the cutest little leotard ever it is fluorescent orange with sparkles, pictures to come. . . .

Life from the wild world,


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  1. Remember the time we were at costco with my mom and we were pushing eachother in the cart, running down the isles, and yelling!? That is the day my mom gave me the nick name 'emily loud wilson'.....No wonder we are best friends!