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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Fair

The Orange County Fair was soooo much fun this year!!! Rylee is definitely the dare devil I thought she was. She loved all the rides and cried every time she had to get off!! Everyone had a turn to take Rylee on a ride. There was lots of food, competition, and fun . . .

She loved riding Kitty the elephant . . . Rylee had to have her face painted like a princess!!
Every year there is a competition at one particular carnival game. . . the water squirting game!! My mom always wins as you can tell from the picture she is very intense! This year Chris was going to beat her if it killed him. . . . . . . . .
He did, Chris is now the reining water gun squirting champion!!!

Chris and Scott always get the GIANT turkey leg!!!

Rylee loved the pony. . . she kept calling it Rylee's Pony!! I think she was trying to tell JJ that she wanted a pony for Christmas (hint, hint)

Sisterly love!

Aunt B is the best Aunt in the whole world! She carried Brady around the whole time we were at the fair.. . . Best Aunt in the world Award!!!

What a fun family tradition. . another year in the books!!!

Live from the wild world,


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