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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bathroom fun times . . .

Rylee came home from the beach this weekend after finding out that Jace goes "pee pee on the potty" and decided it would be a good idea if she tried it out too!! We have sat on the potty a million times and nothing goes in the potty but toilet paper. I figure one of these times it will actually work. I think she just likes the act of sitting upon the porcelain God!!!

Bath time with two kids. . . .The bath master's (Chris) dream come true!
Rylee didn't splash and made sure Brady had a good time in her bath!

He loves bath time, just sits there taking it all in. . .

We have got to get this boy some new blue stuff. The Pink towel just doesn't work for him. Now that he is taking a big boy bath he needs a big boy bath towel!!
Rylee found my old hair extensions and called it princess hair!! She loved looking at herself in the mirror. The scary part is they match perfectly . . . Halloween here we come they will go great with her costume :)
Live from the wild world,


  1. This post is pure perfection! I love those little munchskies!! Can Rylee be any cuter sitting on the porcelain god?!?!

  2. Bella is wearing those same jammies tonight!!