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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The End of Summer . . .

Labor day in Newport Beach is the traditional end of summer gala! We are all there, we go to the beach take lots of pictures and then on Labor day we all ride our bikes to Huntington Beach come back and eat hot dogs off the infamous hot dog roller. NOT so this time. . . Bryn and Scott were at the River, the sun NEVER came out, nobody rode to Huntington Beach, Oh and the hot dog roller never made an appearance and as you can see no pictures were taken:(
What a perfect ending to the weirdest summer on record!!
We did however have lots of fun. Rylee got to play with her beach boyfriend Jace, Chris and I got to go out for Date Night with some friends and Yaya, Mimi and Grandpa got to watch Brady. We visited South Coast Plaza did a little shopping, took Rylee on countless bike rides and went to the Fun Zone with Chris, JJ and I to ride the carousel, Ferris Wheel, Ferry and play games.
It is just so weird to have a summer with no sun. Hopefully next summer will surprise us all and be the hottest summer on record, if so we will be spending lots of time on 26th street.
Live from the Wild World,


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