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Monday, October 11, 2010


Disneyland with D and Scott!!!
Rylee was so excited to go to Disneyland with her Aunt B and Scott. She was dying to see Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse and the Halloweened themed park! I think that Bryn and Scott were equally excited to go.
The first thing Rylee had to do when she got to Disneyland was to get princess Mickey ears!!

Soo half way through their Disneyland experience Bryn called me and thought I had sabotaged her!! I had put Rylee in "new" pink tennis shoes, not thinking that she would be walking around Disneyland, she would be pushed around in her stroller. Boy was I wrong :( Rylee had HUGE blisters on the back of her heels and would not put her shoes back on. Uh Oh! So Bryn asked me what size shoes does Rylee wear so we can buy her new ones so that we can stay at Disneyland. I told her she wears a size 7 the only size they had were 1o I said buy them if they will work!! This is the picture I received after the phone call with the caption . . .

"We are now officially tourist"

I love the socks and crocks look!! Best Aunt Ever!!!!

At the end of the day Rylee had Disneyland Burnout!! I would say she had a great day (minus the blisters) and Bryn and Scott have had their 2 year old fill!!!
Bryn and Scott are so amazing they love Rylee so much and have such a fun time with her. Scott is so cute with Rylee I can't wait for the future when Rylee and Brady have cousins. What fun times are ahead of us. Thank you so much for giving Rylee a great time and great memories!!
Bryn is the Best Aunt EVER!!!!
Live from the wild world,

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