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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Holy Halloween


It feels like Halloween has been going on FOREVER and now it's finally over and we are SAD, Rylee cried as we took her out of her Halloween costume, and Brady almost made it around the whole neighborhood.

This is a process of how our October has gone. Pumpkin patches, pumpkin carving and the getting ready process. . .when you are a princess it takes a long time!!

This was a bad way to start the Halloween week. Rylee and I showed up to gymnastics and EVERYBODY had their Halloween costumes on but Rylee. I felt like the worst mom EVER. We had missed the week before so we didn't know it was dress up day and she kept asking me where her princess dress was?!? WORST MOM EVER!!!

Mr. Brady was happy and ready for HalloweenCarving pumpkins in the back yard with the fam. Rylee would not stick her hand in the pumpkin to get out the seeds. She wanted to use her spoon only and it would only get one seed at a time. It was a lengthy process! More pumpkin carving at Yaya and JJ's house. Rylee was more into eating the brownie batter than carving her pumpkin

Pumpkin patch with the besties. . .Brady and his GF Gia

Rylee and the BF Jace!!

Trick or Treat

Rylee wanted to be a princess and it had to be a PINK
princess and I couldn't find a good pink princess dress so I enlisted the help of a neighbor who volunteered to make one for us. We went and found the pattern and fabric and voila it was perfect!!! We then had to find the tiara, earrings, necklace, glass slippers, and most of all the princess hair. Rylee was so excited. . .This is the process. . .

Rylee and all of her accouterments!!

She sat so still and patient as we put in her princess hair (my old extensions) funny how they match perfectly!!

She is starting to look the part. . . Hair . . . Check . . . .Tiara. . . . Check. . . . Hair Spray. . . Check
Please don't sign me up for the pagent circut!!

Finally the process was complete and it was off to Trick or Treat!!

Princess Rylee was ready to hit the sidewalks in search of CANDY!! Little Superman didn't have much of a process, threw on a onesie and he was done!

I love my Superman

Thanks so much Yaya, JJ, Scott and D who came down to help. It was so much fun!

Hlinka family Halloween . . .

Mr. Brady didn't make it the whole way. . .
This was such a fun Halloween. Everyone was soooo into it and Rylee really had a great time. She knocked on every door in the neighborhood said Trick or Treat got her candy and left with a Thank You. And as soon as we left one house it was "more candy" and on to the next house we went!! She was so cute and the prettiest princess I've ever seen. She is getting so big I can't believe it. Next year Brady will be walking and it will be that much more fun. I love the holiday's and everything about them. Rylee is a true girly girl she just loved being a princess and the whole process that comes along with it . . . I see trouble in our future.
Live from the wild world,

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