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Monday, October 18, 2010

San Luis Obispo

Last weekend we took a road trip up to San Luis Obispo for my cousins wedding. I packed the car like we were going on cross country road trip for a month, this was the first time I had to pack for 3 people and come to find out later I should have packed for Chris too. . .He forgot his shirt, cuff links, sweater and belt for the wedding!! I have always said I have 3 blue eyed kids :)We met up with some family for dinner at the famous McLintocks, went down memory lane with my dad (he is an alumni from Cal State San Luis), tasted some wine at a couple wineries and went to a fabulous wedding. . . The pictures pretty much sum up the weekend. . .Edna Valley Winery with Rick and Kathy Chris and Brady outside Tolosa Winery, where my dad and Rick became Tolosa wine club members. . . Surprise surprise!!
Bryn and Ricky enjoying their favorite Pino Noir

Yaya and Kitty waiting outside with the kids as they both fell asleep right as we pulled up to the first winery

Chris and JJ showing you how they drink their wine

The beautiful countryside had acre upon acre of vineyards we couldn't resist the photo op!

The fam at Talia's wedding, it was a beautiful location
Rylee and Brady were so cute at the wedding. Brady looked like a little man in his vest and collared shirt.. . . .(Look Mimi he has socks on!!) Rylee had the best time.
Bryn and Scott posing for the prom picture. They looked so cute in their matching blues!!

Rick and Dad in their best pose

Sisters, sisters
Everyone had their own pose, especially Rylee The BOYS!!!

Chris and Rylee were of course dancing on the stage. This was also the ceremony site with that picturesque backdrop.

JJ and Rylee
Rylee was getting a little tired. But don't worry she got a second wind and was dancing up a storm at the reception. She was the first one out there and I finally had to pull her off the dance floor because the rest of her family was ready to go. She had the best time at the wedding, she played with all the kids and made new friends
Mr. Brady finally crashed from all the partying
We all had a wonderful weekend. The kids did pretty good on the road and really good during the day considering they napped in the car and anywhere else they could. We stopped in SB to see Chris' family on the way up and for lunch both ways. 5 hours in the car was interesting. You can't do a trip like that with out LOTS of help thank God we have lots of it. Bryn, Scott, Yaya, and Jj are such a big help we couldn't have gotten along as well as we did with out you. We got to see lots of friends and family, and had a spectacular time!! Brady's first road trip was a success!!!!!
Live from the wild world,


  1. You look beautiful Whit. I love your wedding outfit!

  2. Sounds like a blast! I didn't know Talia was getting married....so fun. I can't believe how big Brady is. He is growing up so fast and I haven't even seen him yet :( I love you guys and miss you more than ever. Hugs and Kisses from Arizona.