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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Aunt B's Birthday

Just a quick update on Mr. B
He is now 5 months and loving his rice cereal and bananas!!Mr. Brady has found his feet and loves to hang on to them!!

Oh Bryn's birthday MONTH . . .
Bryn's b-day was a month long event this year and she deserved every day of it!! Rylee and I made her a puzzle and sent her a piece of it over the whole month. It finally read. . . .

You have traveled far and wide for us now its time for YOU to travel far and wide!!
We got her an all expense paid trip to the famous San Diego Gaslamp District and a room at the Hard Rock Hotel. Heather and Trevor and Chris and I surprised her all through the night.
This biggest surprise of the night was when we were ready to walk back to the hotel it was pouring rain!!! It was crazy, I would show you the pics but Heather never sent them to me, *tear *tear!! (Better late than never!!)
Bryns birthday dinner at my parents house was CRAZY!!! Rylee kept saying appy irtday D and wanted everyone to wear their party hats and toot their party horns! I think Rylee thought it was her birthday.

My mom got Bryn this shirt that was big enough for her and Rylee to fit in and then we noticed that everyone had on a black and grey striped shirt!!!

Bryn and Rylee are best friends anything Aunt B does Rylee wants to do or be a part of. On a daily basis Rylee asks to call D and wants to Skype on the computer. She just loves her to pieces! She is the best aunt ever so it's hard not to love her.

Live from the wild world,


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