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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brady 4 Months

Oh Mr. Brady you are getting so cute!!
Mr. Brady is 4 months old and learning all sorts of new things. There has been many rice cereal attempts with more landing on his bib, his hands and his face. I don't think to much has entered his little body! But it's really fun trying to do it. He is starting to sit, laugh more and suck his thumb! Yep that's right we have a bonafide thumb-sucker! I must admit its kind of cute, remind me of that in a couple years when I am trying to get it out of his mouth :) Rylee loves the paci and Brady won't even look at it. This is just more proof that Brady and Rylee could not be more different. If Rylee loved it Brady hates it and vice versa.
Thumb sucking was a HUGE accomplishment in my book!! He started sleeping better and is just now starting to find his thumb in stressful situations like the car rides and in the stroller. That makes for an easier ride to NB and Riverside. Now Rylee will stop covering her ears!
I think that rice cereal might take awhile, like I said before not much goes in. Practice makes perfect!!

Rylee thinks its fun to sit on the counter and "help" Brady eat. She is eating more of the cereal than Brady, but at least it's getting eaten.

Mr. Brady is getting stronger and stronger by the day. He rolls over both ways and loves being on his tummy, which is leading to sitting. He can sit for about 2 seconds. . . that makes it really hard to take his picture, but I finally got it :)
Sitting is challenging for a little guy, balance is hard to come by and it's good thing he is close to the ground because there is lots of rolling/falling over. Its so cute.
And yes that is a mini Mohawk you see. No product needed its standing up all by itself.

I have kept a journal for both kids and it is so fun to look ahead in Rylee's and see what is coming next for Mr. Brady. Smiling, laughing and rolling over were some of the first accomplishments. Rylee rolled over at 3 months and 10 days and Brady rolled over at 3 months and 7 days . . . I'm sure you don't see any competition yet?!?!
I wrote in Rylee's. . ."as the spoon filled with the first bite of rice cereal was coming toward Rylee her mouth could not have been open any wider" and Brady's says "Brady's mouth was closed shut as the spoon was coming toward his lips" There are lots of differences but there is one similarity. The one similarity they do have is that they are both wonderful sleepers. Brady has latched on to the schedule and hasn't looked back. He is very close to sleeping through the night 7:30pm-7:30am with one feeding at 4!! I'll take it! I can see that there is going to be tons of fun in our family in the years to come.
I love watching their little personalities grow everyday. What a fantastic job I have, I wouldn't want it any other way :)
Live from the Wild World,

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