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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dirty Mamas

Del Mar Mud Run 2010!!
About 2 months ago I got this great idea to do a 5K mud run (3.2miles). I recruited the best of the best to be on our team. We trained, picked a team name (Dirty Mamas) and designed our shirts. The Dirty Mamas were ready to run, jump over walls climb up dirt mountains and crawl through the mud at any cost. And did we have fun??
I think the pictures speak for themselves!!
This was the last mud pit before the finish line and the crowd was chanting. . .Crawl Crawl Crawl. . . so we did!! There was lots of mud
My biggest supporters were there to cheer me on. Chris is the best dad ever. He had to round up both kids bring the double stroller, take pictures and video, and then wear Mr. Brady!!!

Corn balls we are. . . anything for a photo op!! Just a little bit muddy!

We did it can you believe it. We trained hard, persevered and it all paid off. What a fun experience. I was glad I could do it with my best friends.
All the Dirty Mamas and their crew. Thanks for coming out and cheering us on we really needed it :)
Job well done ladies.. . .until next year!! Tutus and eyelashes!!
Thanks to all the guys who had to cart around the kids, push the strollers, feed the baby's and support their Dirty Mama! We couldn't do it with out you :)
A glimpse inside the finale of the Mud Run!!

Live from the wild world,


(the #1 Dirty Mama)

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  1. Whitney that looked like it was a blast. I have always wanted to do one of those. By the way you look AWESOME! I love you so much and miss you like crazy.