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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas is finally in full effect in the Hlinka home!!
The tree and the lights are up, the village is bustling and the Christmas cards have been sent out!!! The presents are wrapped, the parties are ongoing and we are headed to the Mission Inn this weekend. Christmas songs are being played in the car and Rylee is the pickiest Christmas song picker ever!!! The house will be lit up this weekend like the 4th of July for the annual Christmas light contest. We won last year but have some new stiff competition this year, wish us luck!! I will keep you posted on the results :)
Marla and Sprout Photography did a fantastic job taking our Christmas card pictures this year. Dealing with our crazy family is a job in its self. I think we got some really good pictures and everyone had a such a fun time taking them. After all of the serious Christmas card pictures were taken Marla thought it would be fun to play in the trees with the good light. And what a fantastic job she did. Chris wanted to know why he is always used as a prop in the pictures or placed in the background?!?!?

I think my friend said it best, looks like Twilight meets the Nordstrom catalogue!!I'm pretty sure I have the sexiest husband on the planet!!!The Tavaglione women!!Rylee dancing in the middle of Balboa Park to "D's Song"

We finally got a good picture of the whole family!!

The Complete Hlinka Family!!!

Oh the boys!!!
Dad is so happy to finally have some men in the family!!

At the end we all got a little silly. . . . what a fun picture
I love taking pictures, I could probably stand in front of a camera for hours if someone would stand behind it. . . but I know not everyone loves taking pictures and the boys especially did a great job. Marla made it so fun and easy, we would all do it again tomorrow!!
Rylee is so excited for Santa to come to her house and fill her stocking with presents, yet I'm not sure how excited she is about going and sitting on Santa's lap!! We are going next Monday so I'll let you know how that turns out. . . .
Live from the wild world,

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  1. SO cute! Love the card...glad you guys had fun! I had fun, too!!