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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy 7 Months!!

Such a big man Mr. Brady and your hair is getting taller and taller!!! 7 months and not a tooth to show for it. We have major drool and tons of crankiness but NO teeth. The tooth fairy needs to hurry up and deliver us some teeth or the Mama might go crazy!!!! He is starting to pull up on that little toy behind him and loves to stand holding on to anything. We are eating everything fruits and veggies and even some puffs! So much fun but time is going way to fast . . . .
Happy 7 months Brady Just another comparison photo from the Hlinka kiddos . . . .

Live from the Wild World,
PS . . .Rylee is still not potty trained, I will give $100 to the person who can do it!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011


I thought this picture was classic and needed to share!
I so remember being in Rylee's spot at her age. We (Bryn and I) used to love to lay in bed with grandpa while he read his favorite books to us. We remember reading Little Quack, Too Loose the Chocolate Moose and many many more. I think my grandpa was waiting for the day Rylee wanted to lay up in bed and read with him, and it finally came. Last time we were in Newport my mom brought some old books she had at the house just in case Rylee was ready to read, and to Grandpa's surprise she was!!! I think they were up there for 45 minutes, that is a loooooong time for a 2 year old. When we went back for his 79th Birthday party he had planed for Rylee's arrival hoping that there would be a repeat of book reading. He went to the library and picked up about 7 or 8 books that he and Rylee would like. Apparently he didn't like the ones my mom had brought!! And sure enough on his 79th Birthday the whole fam was there to celebrate with cards, presents, dinner, drinks and dessert but I think the best part of his birthday was when Rylee looked at him ready to head upstairs and read!! What a special tradition to be passed down.
Bryn has also continued to read with Rylee and was taken by one of the books we used to read so she hunted it down only to be disappointed that she couldn't find it. Finally one of her coworkers found an old copy and scooped it up for her. . .Too Loose the Chocolate Moose was found. Now she and Rylee will lay in bed and read together. Rylee and I were at the store and she found jammies with Chocolate Moose on them and she just had to have them and they are boys!!
Such fun memories I have with my grandpa!!
Love ya Gramps. . . .this one's for you!
Live from the Wild World,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dance Class

Oh my God where has the time gone?!?!?!?!?
I have been waiting for this day for my whole life and it was finally here.
She was so excited to start dance class. We went with Yaya to get the leotard, tights, ballet and tap shoes. She got dressed at 8am and the class wasn't until 10am she didn't want to miss a minute.
(probably because we had gone last week and we were there on the wrong day . . .Worst day ever. . . .She was crushed she couldn't go to dance class)
When we got there she walked right in and didn't look back in and she did great! She listened to the teacher and had fun with the other little girls.

So precious!!

I can't wait for the 1st recital, I think I am more excited than she is and she was realllllly excited :)
Live from the Wild World,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Girls Weekend!

Rylee and I went on our first Girls Weekend to see Emily in Arizona. We had so much fun. We got up early to catch the first flight out of San Diego. Checked in the bags and the car seat, and Rylee loved rolling around her little carry on. We were headed to AZ to visit Emily, Caitlyn and see Erin in Wicked. We made it through security even though she did not want to take off her shoes or put her carry on through the scanner. We got a Starbucks and we were on our way. On the plane Arizona bound. She loved every part of the airplane ride. She wanted to sit by the window so she could see the airplane "go high in the sky"

Emily picked us up and we were sooooooo excited to see her. Grabbed a little breakfast and headed to Emily's house. The highlight was the hammock in the back yard.

We finally met up with Caitlyn for dinner before going to see Wicked!!

Erin got us great seats. Rylee sat on my lap and loved everything about the 1st act. She finally fell asleep during the 2nd act but when it was all over she stood up, clapped and waved to Erin on stage.
The best part of the whole experience was after the show was over. Erin came to get us and Rylee told her "I loved the movie!!" I think Erin really liked that. She took us back stage on stage and into the dressing rooms. Rylee was in awe to say the least. She got to see Galinda's magic wand, the magic potions, dance on the stage and the best part . . . all the costumes!!! She wanted all the twirll dress and shoes and hats and everything that was in that dressing room. It was so cute.

I love seeing Emily and all the Wilson's. I wish they lived closer!!
I can't wait for our next girls weekend!!!
Live from the Wild World,

Thursday, January 13, 2011


OMG it's a WHOOPIE PIE!!!!

Last weekend Chris and took the kids to the mall and we stopped in Crate and Barrel. I came across this Whoopie Pie pan and was immediately obsessed. For one it's hearts and my mother has made me fall in love with anything involving hearts. We have a heart waffle maker, heart cupcake pan, heart cake pan, and a zillion heart cookie cutters. So I thought it only fitting to add this to my heart collection. After we got home I jumped on the Internet and started looking for all sorts of recipes. and . . . . Voila! . . . .

The most amazing Whoopie Pie book!!! I swooped up the kids went to Barnes and Noble, Boarders and ended up ordering in on Amazon and overnighting it so I could have it today to start my project!! Obsessed much?!?

There are a million different ways to mix and match the outsides with the insides. Chocolate, gingerbread, lemon, oatmeal, with chocolate ganache, marshmallow, coconut cream, cream cheese filling and the list goes on and on. So many good ideas, I am just so excited to try out all different flavors. I have my list ready and now I'm just waiting for those kiddos to wake up so I can get to the store and start my new project!!

Time lapse 4hrs . . . . My assistant and I baked for hours. I did the prepping, baking and cleaning and she did the eating!!!

These were so much fun to make. Rylee, my assistant, and I decided to make the classic Whoopie Pie which consists of a chocolate cake and marshmallow filling and then a chocolate cake with salty peanut butter filling rolled in coconut flakes!! After the first batch came out less than stellar we regrouped and were on the right track. The batter for both the cake and the filling is just as good as the finished product . . . sooooo yummy :) Rylee also wanted every color sprinkle on hers too.

Just a fun little project for Rylee and I to get our hands on.

Live from the Wild World,


Monday, January 10, 2011

Rylee Vs. Brady

Look a likes??
Rylee and Brady at their 6 month photo shoots.
Do you think they look the same??
Live from the wild world,

6 Months

Brady Christopher
6 Months Old!!

Thanks Marla and Sprout Photography for the fantastic pictures!!
The Brady man is getting so big and so darn cute!!! I can't believe that we are already half way through his first year. Everything is happening so fast and trying to document every little milestone and movement is so hard.
Brady is eating all sorts of foods as you tell from his little belly. We started veggies and he is not so fond of peas but carrots and butternut squash are a hit and he has yet to turn down a fruit. He is rolling all over the place, sits like a champ and is getting on all fours very easily. There is enough drool and barf to fill a swimming pool, but not a tooth to be found. If one doesn't come soon I am going to put plastic down on the floor to catch all the drool. Thankfully he is sleeping like a baby and on a great schedule!!
Oh Mr. Brady you are going to be crawling any minute and then I will be chasing you and your sister. . .I can't wait :)
Live from the Wild World,