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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Girls Weekend!

Rylee and I went on our first Girls Weekend to see Emily in Arizona. We had so much fun. We got up early to catch the first flight out of San Diego. Checked in the bags and the car seat, and Rylee loved rolling around her little carry on. We were headed to AZ to visit Emily, Caitlyn and see Erin in Wicked. We made it through security even though she did not want to take off her shoes or put her carry on through the scanner. We got a Starbucks and we were on our way. On the plane Arizona bound. She loved every part of the airplane ride. She wanted to sit by the window so she could see the airplane "go high in the sky"

Emily picked us up and we were sooooooo excited to see her. Grabbed a little breakfast and headed to Emily's house. The highlight was the hammock in the back yard.

We finally met up with Caitlyn for dinner before going to see Wicked!!

Erin got us great seats. Rylee sat on my lap and loved everything about the 1st act. She finally fell asleep during the 2nd act but when it was all over she stood up, clapped and waved to Erin on stage.
The best part of the whole experience was after the show was over. Erin came to get us and Rylee told her "I loved the movie!!" I think Erin really liked that. She took us back stage on stage and into the dressing rooms. Rylee was in awe to say the least. She got to see Galinda's magic wand, the magic potions, dance on the stage and the best part . . . all the costumes!!! She wanted all the twirll dress and shoes and hats and everything that was in that dressing room. It was so cute.

I love seeing Emily and all the Wilson's. I wish they lived closer!!
I can't wait for our next girls weekend!!!
Live from the Wild World,

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