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Thursday, January 13, 2011


OMG it's a WHOOPIE PIE!!!!

Last weekend Chris and took the kids to the mall and we stopped in Crate and Barrel. I came across this Whoopie Pie pan and was immediately obsessed. For one it's hearts and my mother has made me fall in love with anything involving hearts. We have a heart waffle maker, heart cupcake pan, heart cake pan, and a zillion heart cookie cutters. So I thought it only fitting to add this to my heart collection. After we got home I jumped on the Internet and started looking for all sorts of recipes. and . . . . Voila! . . . .

The most amazing Whoopie Pie book!!! I swooped up the kids went to Barnes and Noble, Boarders and ended up ordering in on Amazon and overnighting it so I could have it today to start my project!! Obsessed much?!?

There are a million different ways to mix and match the outsides with the insides. Chocolate, gingerbread, lemon, oatmeal, with chocolate ganache, marshmallow, coconut cream, cream cheese filling and the list goes on and on. So many good ideas, I am just so excited to try out all different flavors. I have my list ready and now I'm just waiting for those kiddos to wake up so I can get to the store and start my new project!!

Time lapse 4hrs . . . . My assistant and I baked for hours. I did the prepping, baking and cleaning and she did the eating!!!

These were so much fun to make. Rylee, my assistant, and I decided to make the classic Whoopie Pie which consists of a chocolate cake and marshmallow filling and then a chocolate cake with salty peanut butter filling rolled in coconut flakes!! After the first batch came out less than stellar we regrouped and were on the right track. The batter for both the cake and the filling is just as good as the finished product . . . sooooo yummy :) Rylee also wanted every color sprinkle on hers too.

Just a fun little project for Rylee and I to get our hands on.

Live from the Wild World,



  1. These are so cute and look so yummy!!

  2. Should have brought some to the gym today!!! They look Deelish!

  3. Thanks for the treats....they were really good!