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Friday, January 28, 2011


I thought this picture was classic and needed to share!
I so remember being in Rylee's spot at her age. We (Bryn and I) used to love to lay in bed with grandpa while he read his favorite books to us. We remember reading Little Quack, Too Loose the Chocolate Moose and many many more. I think my grandpa was waiting for the day Rylee wanted to lay up in bed and read with him, and it finally came. Last time we were in Newport my mom brought some old books she had at the house just in case Rylee was ready to read, and to Grandpa's surprise she was!!! I think they were up there for 45 minutes, that is a loooooong time for a 2 year old. When we went back for his 79th Birthday party he had planed for Rylee's arrival hoping that there would be a repeat of book reading. He went to the library and picked up about 7 or 8 books that he and Rylee would like. Apparently he didn't like the ones my mom had brought!! And sure enough on his 79th Birthday the whole fam was there to celebrate with cards, presents, dinner, drinks and dessert but I think the best part of his birthday was when Rylee looked at him ready to head upstairs and read!! What a special tradition to be passed down.
Bryn has also continued to read with Rylee and was taken by one of the books we used to read so she hunted it down only to be disappointed that she couldn't find it. Finally one of her coworkers found an old copy and scooped it up for her. . .Too Loose the Chocolate Moose was found. Now she and Rylee will lay in bed and read together. Rylee and I were at the store and she found jammies with Chocolate Moose on them and she just had to have them and they are boys!!
Such fun memories I have with my grandpa!!
Love ya Gramps. . . .this one's for you!
Live from the Wild World,

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