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Friday, February 18, 2011

7.5 months and crawling

We are officially on the move!!
By we I mean Brady. . .he can now get anything that his little hands desire or whatever Rylee has!! Rylee doesn't really like that Brady is mobile because now he can come after all of her toys!

Chris and I decided that it was time to move Brady and all his toys to the cage. This should make life easier for all of us including Rylee! Brady on the inside and Rylee on the outside and me in the kitchen. It's like a 3 ring circus here and I am the ringmaster, all I need is a whip and a top hat . . . (this could be a good costume idea for next Halloween!!)

Greetings from inside the cage.

We got him all set up with "his" toys. He can now crawl around and Rylee doesn't have to worry about him eating, playing or even looking at her toys.

Now how long will it be before he is standing up crying to get out. Pulling up will be next on his list. He can almost go from crawling to sitting and loves to stand up holding on to the outside of his cage!!

Live from the wild world,


AKA: The ringmaster!!

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