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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Go Pack Go!!!

Who is ready for the Super Bowl?!?!? I am I am!! I am sooooo excited that the Packers are in the Super Bowl. A wild card team that makes it to the big game is amazing. I am actually more than excited and I can't wait for the game!!
For some reason I have been a Packers fan for as long as I can remember. No I'm not from Wisconsin, no we don't have family from Green Bay, I just really like the Green Bay Packers!!! I love Brett Favre, growing to love Aaron Rodgers, Donald Driver, loved Mike Holmgren and even got to rehab Mike Whale (that was really fun).
**Side note** when we he finished rehab with Mike we were also seeing Drew Brees. Mike went on to play for the Carolina Panthers. So my boss and I flew out to New Orleans to see the Saints play the Panthers, watched the game from Drew's box suite and got to go to dinner with them and it was fantastic!!! Anyway . . .
Chris and I have been to so many Green Bay games. We went to a game against the Chargers in San Diego, then we went to Green Bay to watch them play the Rams and then what I thought was going to be Brett Favre's last game in Chicago vs. the Bears. *as we all know he didn't retire*
Green Bay was such a fun little town. We were there for a Monday night game and the entire town shut down on a Monday for the game.
I've got the cheese head, the scarf, the jersey, had the jacket, and have a Brett Farve fathead in the garage, that Rylee swears is Dada!! Almost every game we have been to has been freezing and that is what makes it so much fun.

Chris, being the Raider fan that he is, is such a good sport to follow me all over the country to watch my beloved Packers!!
We were at the beach for NFC Championship game and I could barley watch. But the packers pulled it out and now we are on our way to the Super Bowl.
I am so excited!! Hopefully it will be a good game and the Packers will come out of it victorious. . . .Go Pack Go!!
Just a tidbit . . . this is the first Super Bowl where there will be NO cheerleaders. Neither the Packers or the Steelers have cheerleaders. That is practically sacrilegious, football and NO cheerleaders, really?!?
Live from the Wild Packer World,

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