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Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy 30th Jaclyn

At this point all of my friends are starting to turn 30 and planing really fun events to celebrate. San Fransisco was the perfect setting for Jaclyn's 30th birthday party. She invited 15 ladies up to San Fran for the weekend and her sister Katie planned the perfect girls weekend. It was definitely the girls weekend I had been waiting for. When we got in the hotel we thought it was the perfect setting for a "photo booth" session!! We barley have any fun when we are together . . hahah!!
We took the ferry from San Fran over to Tiburon for lunch and it was a cold and windy ride. . .good thing I had my jacket!!

We tried to take a cable car but the line was just to long and we decided that shopping was going to be much more fun. So we found a "cable car" and took a bunch of pictures. It was easier to take pictures on a cable car that is stationary over one in motion!!!

Headed out for coffee armed with sunglasses, mom's infinity scarfs and our pajamas!! We were hot and the coffee was a necessity!!
We went to Beach Blanket Babylon and it was soooo Jaclyn. She laughed during the entire play. She was bound and determined to wear this "little hat" and it ended being really cute with her black party dress. Lookin' good Jacks!! Good way to ring in your thirties, friends, food and fun:)

I think I am already ready for my next girls weekend birthday or no birthday. We all had so much fun just hanging out around the city. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends that do really fun things:) Happy birthday Jaclyn your thirties are going to be amazing, I'm happy I got to be part of your celebration!!

Live from the Wild World,


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