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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Tanning

Welcome to my new business . . . . .

Sun Kissed Tanning by: Whitney

Yep that's right I started a small, little, teeny tiny business!! I love being a stay at home mom more than anything I can think of but I need to do something for me, make myself a little cash for a splurge I might want!! So what better than working from home, seems like a great idea if you can swing it.

You all know that I am a sun worshiper and have been frequenting the beach and tanning beds my whole life. Well, with all the bad press tanning beds have had recently and per my Mimi's warning I discontinued all use of light bulb tans (but not the beach, what would 26th street be without me, let's not get crazy!!) and turned to a safe alternative . . . Airbrush tanning!! I LOVE IT!! I converted the upstairs guest suite in to my personal spray tanning studio. My mom and I decked it all out and it looks soooo cute and down right official. . . .who knew?!?!?

At this point I have had many a guinea pig and am taking an advanced class this week because all my friends want six pack abs!! After all summer is right around the corner and let's be real tan fat is waaayyyy better than white fat and after you get tanned you feel like you've just lost 10lbs.

Here is the catch if all my friends and family are tan where does that leave me?!?!?!? Back on the beach at 26th Street!!

Happy Tanning


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