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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mammoth 2011

Bound for Mammoth March 2011. Brady was packed and ready to go!!
The road to Mammoth was a long one. Rylee got sick and barfed all over the house a couple days before we left so there was lots to do to get ready. On our way up Brady got sick and barfed all over himself in the car so we had to pull over and clean everything. At this point Chris and I were praying we didn't get sick too!!
Pit stop #1

Both kids did great on the 6 hour car ride. Rylee was quite content watching her movie and Brady pretty much slept the whole way, after barfing of course.

Rylee LOVED skiing.

The first day she was hesitant about putting on all the snow clothes, helmet, goggles and ski boots but after she got out on the slopes she was all smiles. That day it was really windy and snowy but she didn't seem to mind. She was by far the loudest one on the mountain, yelling "mama look at me, look at me" and "I did it!" and her favorite "I do it all by myself!" Her instructors were all really nice and on the last day her instructor said "she can do the pizza but just says she wants to go fast!!"

So the dreaded Hlinka Plague had hit Mammoth hard. By the time we made it I was sick and Chris wasn't feeling to well either. I skipped out on dinner the first night and choose not to ski the next day either. The next day was beautiful and we all skied and had a great time. Dad stayed home with Rylee and the Brady man so we could all go skiing. Mom, Bryn and I skied and the boys snowboarded. A couple runs and mom was done and not far behind her Bryn was too!! We were off to the house to finish up the day and the Hlinka Plague had hit Scott . . . he was down for the count :( Chris was feeling better but Brady was still barfing and by this time Rylee could tell you what color everyone's barf was . . ."I barf pink, the Brady man barf white and Scott barf green!!" I don't think the Brady man was to fond of the cold, but he did like being carried in the ergo. I think he was pretty warm in there. Chris and I scouted out the perfect little sledding spot. We rounded up the sleds and headed out. By this point the Hlinka Plague had hit YaYa so she and Brady opted out of sledding. Rylee is a little dare devil. She wanted to go up to the highest point so she could go faster. On our last run Rylee and I were coming down a little fast and I hit the brakes and she went flying off the front only to get back up and say "I go again"!! Mammoth is a place full of memories for us. We have been going since I was Rylee's age and to be up there with my family is so amazing. No matter what happens we always seem to have a great time, my mom brings too much food, Chris usually gets hurt and Scott builds the snowman. Well this year might have been a little different due to the Hlinka Plague but that is what makes each trip so memorable. On the last night my mom had brought enough food to cater the mountain but she wasn't feeling good and Scott was still down so we all ended up eating pancakes,(per Rylee's request) but Chris still made the tri-tip, mashed potatoes, and bread. It was pretty funny. Chris and JJ were like short order cooks serving everything, Theraflu, pancakes, pedialyte, and tri-tip!! It seemed like everyone had gotten the plague except Bryn and JJ.

After we all made it home we found out that JJ had in fact barfed when he got home! Looks like Bryn is the only one that came away unscathed!!! Better luck next year :)

Live from the wild and barfy world,


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