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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy 10 Months

The Big Man is 10 months old!!
Mr. B is not walking yet but he is the fastest crawler I've ever seen!!
Example: (nobody call CPS on me ok?!?) I was putting Rylee and our bags in the car and Brady was inside by the time I came in the house to get Brady and put him in the car he was gone. He had crawled out of the house through the garage and was under the car coming out the back end of the car!!!! My biggest nightmare . . .I know I'm not going to win Mother of the Year, maybe next year. Anyway he is really cute and loving exploring the world ;)
His first top tooth is coming in and I can tell that the 2nd top tooth is not far behind. He talks all the time . . .dadaddad. NO Mamamamamam!! We are working on waving and clapping and he is almost there :)
Loves eating with his hands. . . pasta, rice, carrots, apples, cheerios, and anything else he can find on the floor. He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.
This Easter was his first "real" first time on the beach. He loved being on the beach and crawling through the sand. I think he only got a mouthful twice!
The boys!!
I have always said he is the happiest boy ever and I still do. Wakes up happy, goes to bed happy and loves riding in the blue car at the beach and in the shopping cart at the grocery store!
Happy 10 months Brady!
Live from the Wild World,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Carlsbad Flower Fields!!

What an awesome day!! Rylee's playgroup planned a day at the Carlsbad Flower Fields and it was so beautiful!! We took a tractor ride through the fields and had a picnic lunch amongst the flowers. It was perfectly picturesque . . .
Rylee was so cute trying to hold Brady's hand, but Brady wanted no part of Rylee holding on to him!
The fields were a beautiful photo op . . .
Little miss hands on hips smiles on lips :)
I think she smelled ever flower she could get her hands on!
Rylee's playgroup has been an amazing experience. We have met so many fun people and seen San Diego inside and out. I am so happy to be part of such a great playgroup!!
Live from the wild world,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Spring break 2011 once again took place on 26th street!! WE were happy to spend the week with family and friends. Nini, Bumpa, and Yaya were all there along with Heather, Jace and Gia. The weahter wasn't exactly fabulous but you never know what you are going to get on spring break, be we had loooottttsss of fun. Rylee got a camera for her birthday and took pictures of everything, mostly grandpa :) WE are so lucky that we get to spend time with our crazy family, they are so fantastic! Thanks for all the babysitting, and dealing with my crazies, couldn't and wouldn't want to do it without you! Rylee got another "big girl" bike and she loves it. She thinks she pedals soooo fast and half the time she doesn't pedal at all!We were also lucky to get to spend a couple moments with Courtney and her bf Ryan. Courtney is so much fun and loves to spend the rare moments she gets with the kids. They took Rylee on the beach, played around and couldn't resist a photo op with the Brady man!!
We celebrated Rylee's real birthday at the beach with cake and the perfect party hat that read "today I eat cake!" She woke up on her birthday in quite the mood, she did not want to take one phone call. People even called multiple times hoping her mood had changed but NOPE!! It was her day and she didn't want to talk on the phone to anyone so she didn't. Oh Lord I have heard that 3 is worse than 2 and day one of #3 proved to be just that. . . . OH JOY!!
Rylee and her Spring Fling Jace!! Evey morning Rylee woke up pleading to go to Jace's house. Mainly to eat all of his food, Popsicles, ding dongs, and McDonald's breakfast runs!!
Brady got his first trip on the bike and I'm pretty sure he didn't care too much for it. The helmet was a little big and kept slipping over his eyes . . . better luck next time Brady man!
Oh big man you are so handsome . . .
That shirt is just tooo cute on you :)
Sibling love . . .Brady almost got choked out on this one!!
Brady's first time on the carousel and he LOVED it . . .
And as usual so did Rylee
Spring Break and it's time to see the Easter Bunny!! We packed everyone in the car and Nini couldn't resist this one she had to see the kids on the Easter Bunny so she came along for the "fun" We went to South Coast Plaza thinking we were going to see the most fabulous Easter Bunny there ever was . . . not so much! He was an animated talking bunny. We (NINI) was hoping for the giant white bunny of old. Soooo we piled back in the car and went across the street to Crystal Court where there was a "real" Easter Bunny, like the big kind with the man in the bunny suit!! . . . .
Easter Bunny round 2 . . . .!!! Good news is . . . .Rylee loved him either way and Brady didn't seem to mind where he was placed. Rylee even ran back to give him a goodbye hug! Success!! This gives me hope for Santa!!Rylee is not the only one with a spring fling . . . Jace has the cutest sister ever Miss Gia! They even have matching rides :)
Mr. Brady had a crazy time on Spring Break!!
Look at those baby blues, I just cant resist a Brady man photo op
We had so much fun on Spring break this year, and are very lucky that we still get to have a spring break!! (Thanks Chris) We played on the beach, got banana's at Anne's, rode the bikes and the blue car, went to McDonald's for breakfast in the rain, played with our friends at the fun zone and read books with Grandpa . . .this one is officially in the books. Spring Break 2011 was fantastic . . Until next time 26th street :)
Live from the Wild World,

Rylee's 3rd Birthday

I can't believe my little girl is already 3 years old!!! Really where does the time go?!?! I'm not sure who was more excited to have their birthday party at school, Rylee me or Yaya. I made cupcakes and cookies to take to her classroom and she was so excited to celebrate her birthday at preschool. Yaya make the trip down, she didn't want to miss her 1st school birthday party either!!We decied to have Rylee's birthday party at the same place she does gymnastics. Partly because she loves it and partly because I didn't want to do the party at our house :) She LOVED her sparkly leotard with the tutu. If I had been looking for this I would have NEVER found it, but I randomly came across it and it was perfect for a gymnastic birthday party. The kids had so much fun bouncing and jumping all around on the trampolines and into the foam pit . . .
Her cake was super cute with the gymnast on top and it matched her leotard perfectly, tutu and all!!
Rylee was so happy to tell anyone who asked that she was in fact 3!! And her cheering section was out in full force!
I think our little family is just perfect . . .don't you?!?Rylee and her best friend Bella have so much fun together. Sometimes they have too much fun together!!
The princess in the middle.
I have no idea where she gets her "dare devilness!!" The faster the higher more dangerous the better . . . Ahhhhhhhh!!!!
Rylee had all her little friends at the party. At the end when we put all the kids together to take a picture . . . so cute until you notice the 2 nice little children sitting next to the LOUD BLONDE GIRL! They had to cover their ears to protect themselves from Rylee and Bella screaming CHHHHEEEEEEEESSSSSEEEEEEE!!
Yep she's 3 I still can't believe it . . . ..
Happy 3rd birthday Miss Rylee we love you!!
Live from the Wild World,