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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy 10 Months

The Big Man is 10 months old!!
Mr. B is not walking yet but he is the fastest crawler I've ever seen!!
Example: (nobody call CPS on me ok?!?) I was putting Rylee and our bags in the car and Brady was inside by the time I came in the house to get Brady and put him in the car he was gone. He had crawled out of the house through the garage and was under the car coming out the back end of the car!!!! My biggest nightmare . . .I know I'm not going to win Mother of the Year, maybe next year. Anyway he is really cute and loving exploring the world ;)
His first top tooth is coming in and I can tell that the 2nd top tooth is not far behind. He talks all the time . . .dadaddad. NO Mamamamamam!! We are working on waving and clapping and he is almost there :)
Loves eating with his hands. . . pasta, rice, carrots, apples, cheerios, and anything else he can find on the floor. He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.
This Easter was his first "real" first time on the beach. He loved being on the beach and crawling through the sand. I think he only got a mouthful twice!
The boys!!
I have always said he is the happiest boy ever and I still do. Wakes up happy, goes to bed happy and loves riding in the blue car at the beach and in the shopping cart at the grocery store!
Happy 10 months Brady!
Live from the Wild World,

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