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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rylee's 3rd Birthday

I can't believe my little girl is already 3 years old!!! Really where does the time go?!?! I'm not sure who was more excited to have their birthday party at school, Rylee me or Yaya. I made cupcakes and cookies to take to her classroom and she was so excited to celebrate her birthday at preschool. Yaya make the trip down, she didn't want to miss her 1st school birthday party either!!We decied to have Rylee's birthday party at the same place she does gymnastics. Partly because she loves it and partly because I didn't want to do the party at our house :) She LOVED her sparkly leotard with the tutu. If I had been looking for this I would have NEVER found it, but I randomly came across it and it was perfect for a gymnastic birthday party. The kids had so much fun bouncing and jumping all around on the trampolines and into the foam pit . . .
Her cake was super cute with the gymnast on top and it matched her leotard perfectly, tutu and all!!
Rylee was so happy to tell anyone who asked that she was in fact 3!! And her cheering section was out in full force!
I think our little family is just perfect . . .don't you?!?Rylee and her best friend Bella have so much fun together. Sometimes they have too much fun together!!
The princess in the middle.
I have no idea where she gets her "dare devilness!!" The faster the higher more dangerous the better . . . Ahhhhhhhh!!!!
Rylee had all her little friends at the party. At the end when we put all the kids together to take a picture . . . so cute until you notice the 2 nice little children sitting next to the LOUD BLONDE GIRL! They had to cover their ears to protect themselves from Rylee and Bella screaming CHHHHEEEEEEEESSSSSEEEEEEE!!
Yep she's 3 I still can't believe it . . . ..
Happy 3rd birthday Miss Rylee we love you!!
Live from the Wild World,


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