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Monday, May 30, 2011

Brady's 1st trip to the Beach

Hello Newport Beach!!!
This was Brady's 1st Memorial Day at the beach and he couldn't have been happier!! He crawled all over the beach, ate the sand and loved being in the hole that Daddy dug.
Sandy from head to toe but he didn't care. He would take handfuls of sand and just eat it!! Lick all the sandy sand toys with the biggest smile on his face.
I am so happy he will be a beach baby just like Rylee. It is a wonderful place to be, friends, sun, sand water and open space to run, jump, splash and have fun.
I tried to get a picture of the two of them and this is what I got!! Sibling love :) Chris told Rylee to hold Brady and Voila . . .
We have great friends that we get to hang out with at the beach. The kids get along most of the time but when I tried to huddle them for a picture it didn't work out so well. Our best beach friends would NOT sit all together for a picture . . . this is the best I got :)
What a sweet little moment . . .
Brady is such a happy little guy anywhere he is goes. Now if he would only WALK!!! We have seen steps up to 4 consecutively. . . practice, practice, practice . . .
Let's hope that Brady takes after his Dad because that is one HOT husband!!!
I love that my kids are getting to enjoy the same experiences and making memories the same way I did. Newport Beach is such a special place and I love to be there any chance I get. Rylee even said she didn't want to go home but wanted to stay at Nini's house!!
Live from the Wild World,
(Wow not one picture of me!! This must change :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day, Rylee's 3 and Brady's 9mo

Happy Mother's Day to ME!!!!
I would say that I have the BEST job in the whole world. Maybe some days are better than others but for the most part I love what I get to do everyday. These pictures are a small window into the craziness that is my perfect little family!!
Last weekend the whole family got to do a combo photo shoot for Rylee's 3 year old pics and Brady's 9 month old pics. We went to the Olivehain historical Meeting hall. It was rustic and just what I wanted. They had a rope swing that Rylee could not get enough of!!
Rylee loves getting dressed up and can sit for hours letting me put "princess curls" in her hair. She is becoming such a big girl, picking out what she wants to wear and how she wants her hair done! It's so darn cute! At 3 years old she is finally POTTY TRAINED!!!! THANK GOD! I thought for sure she would be going to kindergarten in diapers (She proved me wrong!)

Little Mr. 2 teeth, not for long, is getting cuter and cuter everyday. His 2 top teeth are on their way in and he is doing pretty good with teething. He is always the happiest guy in the room. He was such a trooper for this shoot, the first shot he fell out of this chair face first in the dirt, but he rallied and took some really cute pictures. He really has no desire to walk yet. Waving and clapping is his latest trick. We must find him a hair style I'm not sure this is his best look!! But it's pretty cute for now.
I think Rylee is ready for Brady to get up, walk and be her playmate. She is always trying to get Brady to play something with her, I am waiting for the day she puts a princess dress and tiara on him!!! She gets into his personal space, he cries and then she says "I'm sorry Brady man want this toy" It's precious.
Every day is Mother's day around here, the sweet moments I witness everyday are what make me love being the Mama!! Rylee called me Mom the other day and I didn't respond until she said "Mama I'm calling you, you don't like Mom do you??" I want to be the Mama as long as possible :) She even told her preschool teacher today that is was Mama's day this Sunday!! Happy Mother's day to my MOM who I have learned everything from (except ironing, It's not like she didn't try. I don't blame you mom I just don't like doing it!) And will keep turning to her for advice on everything at a moments notice . . . Love you mom you are a wonderful mom and and exceptional Yaya!!
Happy Mama's Day

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Just Rylee being Rylee!!
Happy Easter 2011