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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Big Man Turns OOOONNNNNEEEE!!!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Brady!!!
You are the cutest little boy EVER! We had an amazing year and am loving every day. You are your own little man and did it all in your own little way and time. You don't let anyone (me) push you to do things any faster than you want. You are so inquisitive and have to investigate every situation.

We had your birthday party at the splash park with all your playgroup friends from yours and Rylee's playgroups, long time friends and neighbors. It was a beautiful day until . . .
Martha almost stepped on a RATTLE SNAKE!! We had to get the fire dept. to come and remove our unwanted guest!! And of course we had to get a picture of you on your birthday with the fireman!!
The cutest kids EEEEVVVVEEEERRRR!!!
My mom came down to help me with all the party fun, plus she can't miss a moment that involves a milestone with either kiddo . . . I don't blame her :)
Rylee just hangin' out having lunch . . .
Loving the swing at his bday party!
Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you Brady
Happy Birthday to YOU!!
Is this cake?? What else have you been holding out on me?!?
This stuff is goooooood!!!
Good enough to put in my hair . . .
I think I'm a sweets kinda guy :)
Shirt says it all . . .
Your birthday party was real fun and everyone had a great time. So cliche but time flies when your having fun and we have had a lot of fun and I can't believe my baby is already one . . . and WALKING!!!!
Happy 1st Birthday to the Brady man!
Live from the Birthday world,

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Happy Father's Day!!
What a better way to start the day than waking up to your two best friends!!
Rylee had a great time playing in the pool with Dada, Uncle Scott and Aunt B all day long. I think everyone had a great time
The Brady man eats just like his Dada . . he was really into his spaghetti and loved getting it all over the place including his hair
Even Brady got a chance to be the pool with out Rylee jumping all over him. The weather was great and we all loved being in the pool all day!!

Riverside was a great location for our Father's Day extravaganza. The weather was perfect and we got to hang out with Mimi and Grandpa and splash around in the pool!
On Brady's first father's day he said his first word . . . JJ!! It was so cute. He loves my dad and my dad loves having a grandson. What a great way to end Father's day than with your favorite grandson in your arms!!
Happy Father's day Dad you are one in a million!!

We have many great father's in our family and we got to celebrate all of them this year what wonderful memories!
Live from the Wild World,

Brady's 1st Hair cut

Brady and Rylee were overdue for hair cuts so I took them in for Brady's very first hair cut! Bye bye curls . . . Brady did such a good job he sat in the chair munching on some snacks and didn't really care what was going on behind him . . .
Rylee needed a hair cut too and she LOVED getting her hair shampooed in the big bowl!
Brady just watched himself in the mirror while Chloe did a great job and gave him a wonderful new do!
Hey whats going on back there and why can't I see?!?
I love my little Brady man! He is getting so big I can't belive he is almost going to be 1!!
So many fun milestones to come . .
Hair cut . . . Check!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mandi's Birthday Party

Happy 30th Mandi B!
It seems like all my friends are turning 30 and doing fantastic things! We have been downtown San Diego, San Fransisco and Mandi did not disappoint with a trip to the Temecula balloon and wine festival. It was a great time. The weather was great and the company was even better!! We got our wine glass and wine tickets and soon became very good friends with the lady pouring the Wilson Creek Almond Champagne!!! She loved us and before we knew it we were getting free champagne!! Whoo Hoo . . . . A super fun outing, I think it could become a tradition :)
Happy Birthday Mandi B! Here is to being 30!!!
I'm not to far behind you . . . let see what's in store for mine . . .
Live from the wild world,

One sick little man

The Brady man has had a rough go this past week…104.4 fever that lead to his second double ear infection, upper respiratory infection and he had to have a chest X-ray! Saddest thing I've ever seen…

This morning he still has a fever and he barfed all over me…he is a little hot box. I hope my little guy feels better soon because all he wants to do is watch Tinker Bell over and over again and Rylee would really like to go to the park. Thank God my parents came to our rescue yesterday I don't think I could have done it.

I want my happy baby back!!

Get better soon…
Live from the wild world,