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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Brady's One Year!!

I loved Brady's 1 year old photo shoot!! He was a tough little guy to crack but I love the pictures we got.
I had seen some great photo ideas and tried really hard to recreate with the Brady man . . .
Brady took a minute to get the idea of eating his cake but once he got started he couldn't stop!
Is he not so precious?!?
Those eyes are getting bluer and bluer and bigger and bigger!
Mmmmmm . . . . . Cake . . . . . . Mmmmmmmm
The cake took a beating and ended up in the trash after the shoot. Rylee was sad I didn't bring it back home but once I showed her the cake she was OK with it.
I loved this idea and it took Marla and I forever to get Brady to hold all three letters and get a great shot of each one. This was the second go 'round but it ended up PERFECT!! The "O" could not have been better, what a fun photo shoot :)
You only turn one once, you don't remember it and yet we go through so much to get it all documented in pictures so one day he can look back at all the fun he was having!!
Live from the Wild World,

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