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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Circus Fun!

Sooooo, I have zero pictures from the circus because they confiscated my camera on the way in . . .Boooooooo! Chris and I thought it would be fun to drag my parents and Aunt B to the circus on a lovely Sunday afternoon. They were all for it and it was so much fun we had great seats and ate everything in sight. I don't think anyone really cared about the circus to much they just go to watch Rylee. She is so animated and loved all the acts and just ooh and ahhed at everything. It is so fun to watch new experiences through the eyes of a child and through Rylee's eyes it's even better. Brady did pretty good when there was lots going on, fireworks, lights and lots of excitement. What's the next event we will rope everyone in to . . . THE FAIR!!!!! There will sure to be lots of pics and stories from that adventure . . . Until next time. . . .

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