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Monday, July 25, 2011

Flirty Thirty!!

Holy shit I can't believe I'm 30!!
That is just CRAZY to me. . . well I guess at 30 I have everything I could have imagined. In 30 years, I had the most amazing childhood. I couldn't have picked better parents, and in hind sight I don't think I took advantage of all the knowledge they bestowed on me or lessons they tried to teach me. I still can't iron to save me life (not your fault mom or Mimi) and I don't own a tape measure (sorry dad!!) I graduated from high school set out to San Diego for college. Joined a sorority and the SDSU cheer team where I met life long friends. Graduated from college got a job and settled down in wonderful San Diego. I don't know if I could have predicted that one but I'll take it I love living here!! I am lucky to live in a beautiful home, have two amazing kiddos and a husband that puts up with me everyday and lets me be a stay at home mom!! What could be better?? Right now, not much. I am so lucky and so thankful for the last 30 years. I have been, I have seen and I have done it all. All thanks to my wonderful family and marvelous friends. I am proud to say to this day I have never been arrested or done anything illegal, unless you count talking on your cell phone in the car . . .Oops 2 time offender right here!! Well I guess it could be worse!!!
Chris and I had a grand get away weekend up in Laguna at the St. Regis and it was perfect. Great weather, great food and (I love my kids but) no crazy kiddos!! It was a little piece of heaven!
Beautiful view from the St. Regis!
We were so lucky to have Kosta meet up with us at Splashes for a drink. He always spices up the party and looks good doing it! I was feeling pretty special with two hot men on my arm :)
I also got to have a surprise dinner with great friends, happy hour, and lunch with my best girlfriends. Headed to the Blake Shelton concert with Bryn and Scott and then for my last 30th hurrah, dinner with my wonderful family sans kids!! I think that's all you can ask for as a 30 year old beautifully accomplished women, if I do say so myself!!!
The birthday gala sans kids started out with these wonderful photos with my fabulous family. We had a FANTASTIC dinner, wine, sangria, Tiger's blood, bloody Mary's, beer, Kahlua and cream, Grand Mariner, met up with Jeff and Heather and then the pictures got a little better . . . . .
This is a simple example of what happens when you encounter an ordinary mail box, 26th cross walk, a neighbors front porch or maybe even an exit sign. Whatever the prop may be they all made for great pictures and an even more interesting evening!!!
My mom got me the best cake in the world, my favorite marble cake with white chocolate frosting from Bristol Farms . . . to die for!!!! This was just the most amazing birthday month EVER I don't really think it can be topped . . . .but we can try right?!? Just kidding :) I guess you know when you have been celebrated when happy birthday goes like this
Happy Birthday to you . . . AGAIN
Happy Birthday to you . . . . AGAIN
Happy Birhtday to Whitney . . . AGAIN
Happy Birthday to you!!
I look forward to the next 30 years and what they have in store for me. I will learn to listen to my husband, take advice from my parents and work on being a little less stubborn. Cherish the friendships I have, show my kids what the world is made of and continue to have more fun than I can blog about!!! If the next 30 are anything like the first 30 I can't wait . . .bring on the memories!!
Live from the world of the newest 30 year old club member,


  1. I am so glad you had a great birthday. My 30th was by far my most favorite, and it looks like yours was pretty good too! You and I have spent most of our 30 years together and have made some great memories...I hope we can spend the next 30 together too (and little more often!) You are the geatest and I love you!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear, sweet Whitney! I have been cleaning and organizing and keep running across great photos of you as a much younger girl! I love you and your family. You will always be special to me! Love ya, Tricia