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Sunday, July 10, 2011


This is how every vacation should start out . . . . Waking up in Newport watching a toon with your lovie!!
Being in Newport for the 4th of July is a given, I hope that I will never be anywhere else on this wonderful holiday! This week was gorgeous, everyday was the most beautiful beach day and Rylee and Brady are fantastic beach babies. Brady is now walking and walked/crawled all over the beach. Dig the kid a hole and he is as happy as a sand crab. He would climb in and out of the hole all day. Rylee is becoming more brave in the ocean jumping all the big waves and trying out the boogie board. The kiddos and I got to extend our NB vacation and came up a couple days early to take advantage of the beautiful weather. My mom, Bryn and the DeleDonne's were there too, to join in the fun.
We celebrated Brady's birthday multiple times, 4 cakes, 2 parties, 1 surprise party and a birthday photo shoot! He now has a bigger sweet tooth than Rylee. Being at the beach for Brady means . . . riding in the infamous blue car up and down the boardwalk, throwing the dirt from any potted plant he could reach, playing in a hole on the beach, and sleeping in the stroller after some one's morning walk. He got a hair cut too while we were there. . .spikes are a better look for the Brady man :)
Rylee loves the beach because Jace is there! I think we heard "I want to go play with Jace" a million times and that is no exaggeration. She loves to play with Jace . . . or Jace's toys . . . we are not sure yet. But they do have fun together playing in the house watching movies or running around on the beach chasing the birds and in and out of the water. Bryn and I let Rylee jump off the lifeguard stand for the 1st time and she loved it. We played games on the beach, jumped off the lifeguard stand and watched the sun go to bed in the ocean. Rylee went to the donut store every morning to get a cinnamon roll, ate cookies, a dozen fruit snacks and lunch on the beach. . . we are now coming down from the sugar high and returning to reality!!
It is so much fun to have everyone on the beach it is just like when Bryn and I were little and we would stay on the beach all day with our friends, eat our lunch out there, and then come back out and play games in the evening. Brady and Rylee didn't care that they were sandy from head to toe, or that every toy Brady licked was covered in sand. I am surprised he never pooped a sandcastle from all the sand he ate. Rylee loved jumping the waves with anyone that would take her and Brady was just happy nobody was telling him NO!!
4th of July means all the family gets together for festivities, parties on the patio, bike rides, and sleeping in watching movies (hahah) We are so lucky to have such a wonderful family. They let us invade their home, throw sand everywhere, and generally make a raucous of their life for days at a time. Thanks so much Mimi and Gramps for letting us take over!
When Chris, the resident bartender, is at the beach the alcohol starts flowing, the shot glasses come out and before you know it there are tons of people on the patio. It was fun to have Heather and her family at the beach this year they are so crazy just like we are!!
I think its safe to say we had a BLAST this year for 4th of July week.
The wrap up goes like this . . .
7 beautiful beach days, 1 trip to the fun zone, 2 trips to urgent care, 4 batches of White Wine Sangria, freak accident at Blue Beet, 1 bee sting, 4 under 4, Nordy's sale, pedicures, 12 holes dug, 0 sun burns, 4 loaves of bread, 1 surprise bday party, a million fruit snacks, 5 frozen bananas,2 picnic lunches on the beach and a million memories!!
Happy 4th of July from the Hlinka's


  1. So cute!!! Love all the picks!!!!

  2. Looks like an amazing 4th! You guys are too cute for words ;)