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Monday, August 15, 2011

OC Fair 2011

Who's ready to go to the fair???? I'm guessing these two crazy kiddos!!
As usual our first stop at the fair is the ponies!! It was a little anticlimactic this year, Rylee was a little underwhelmed and Brady could have cared less that he was riding a pony!
Brady neither cried nor cracked a smile for the little pony, just another place my crazy family stuck me and then took my picture. Maybe next year he will be more excited. Chris looks like he is having a good time :)
Roller coasters on the other hand are right up Rylee's alley. She is the perfect example of an adrenaline junky. . .Lord help us. She just loves sitting in the front of a roller coaster, throwing her hands up and screaming with glee from the top of her lungs. The higher, the faster, the more it scares the hell out of the mama the better for Rylee!!
One of these days I will get a cute picture of the Brady man!
Brady just watched at the gate hoping he might get a turn on one of the millions of rides Rylee was going on. One day Brady man . . . One day!
The swings were Rylee's favorite ride. She put her hands up and leaned way back to get the full effect of the ride.
The famous water gun contest between Yaya, Scott and last years victor. . .Chris! Who would come out victorious this year . . . .
Looks intense and the contestants take serious aim . . .
Brady loving the new toy that was given to him by the winner . . .
Having fun at the fair is a given, we eats an insane amount of fried food, watch Rylee go on all the rides, and pretty much walk around and people watch! I love the fair!
OC Fair 2011
Rylee picked Scott to go on the Ferris wheel with her, wasn't he the lucky one?!? Scott kept rocking the car trying to look down at us only to have my mom have a heart attack. Yaya was telling them no no no and equally Rylee and Scott were shaking their fingers at her No No No!!
The Mega Slide is another one of Rylee's go to ride. I think everyone got a turn going down the slide racing to the bottom. Everyone let Rylee win, everyone but Chris!! Competition is tough at the fair.
Aunt B loves going with us to the fair and doing all the fun rides with Rylee too!
Tradition is a great thing. It keeps me looking forward to next year. I guess if you don't like change then tradition works, and I don't like change so going to the fair every year and doing the water gun contest, riding the ponies, trying to fit in the photo booth and eating the big turkey leg is just perfect and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else . . . I heart you little family!
And the winner is . . . . . . SCOTT!!! Better luck next time Mom and Chris!
Brady finally started to warm up to the idea of being at the fair . . .
Rylee was happy to leave the ride and get a giant ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles!
Brady enjoyed his ice cream too!
Whats a fair with out sticking your head in some ridiculous cardboard cut out ?!?!?
Another fair is in the books. Rylee had the best time EVER we literally had to drag her kicking and screaming out of the fair. She could have ridden the rides until the place closed down. I can't wait until Chris gets to go on all the big rides with her, I think I just might have to close my eyes!
Brady finally passed out, he had had all the fun a little guy could have. I love going to the fair I love going to the fair I love going to the fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Live from the fair,

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