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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mandi's Wedding

Rylee and I were so honored to be a part of my bestest friend Mandi's big wedding day!!  Mandi and I have been friends from high school I couldn't imagine not being in her wedding.  We had such a fun time at the rehearsal dinner party Rylee loved running around with Mandi's little cousins that served as the ring bearers . . . it was so cute :)
Rylee was beyond excited to be in Mandi's wedding.  She loved her dress, she loved her shoes, she loved getting her hair and nails done!  She is a true girly girl and I love every piece of her!!
Oh just goofing off with tow boquets because I let Rylee hold one and you can guess what happened in the hand of a three year old . . .broken!!  Whoops!!
Oh and did I mention she LOVED having her picture taken!!
She is just so precious!
Miss Mandi you looked absolutely beautiful on your wedding day!
Aunt B came to help me with Rylee and she was amazing . . . couldn't have done it with out Aunt B!!
They had a photo booth at the wedding and Rylee found the crown and wand and wouldn't let go!
The whole family was so excited to see Mandi on her wedding day but lets be honest I think they were more excited to see Rylee come walking down the isle (not me or Mandi)!  Mandi also wanted to do a bridal party dance and I was all for it.  I (along with some helpers) choreographed a fantastic dance number for the whole bridal party to do.  We practiced and it went off without a hitch and everyone loved it!! We danced the night away and had to pull Rylee off the dance floor to get her to go home. 
What a special night to be a part of . . . I wouldn't have missed it for the world!
Love you Mandi Shearer hope you are having a fantastic time in Jamaica
Live from the wild world

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Labor Day 2011

Labor day weekend 2011 didn't give us the best beach weather we had ever seen, but it made for some great memories, great pictures and GREAT surprises!!! My cousin Courtney had called me about a month ago telling me that she and her brother along with their significant others wanted to come down Labor day weekend and surprise everyone. Perfect the more the merrier right?!? That's what I thought and so did everyone else. Mimi, Grandpa and Bryn were really surprised when they showed up Saturday afternoon. They made the weekend that much more special.
We took the Brady man for a bike ride that he didn't see much of. He fell asleep on the back of Aunt B's bike!
All the boys!!

On a not so good beach day we headed down to the fun zone so Rylee could ride the carousel with the girls.

I think Mimi and Grandpa were really happy to have all their grandchildren together, who could blame them we are really fun!!
The bocce ball champions!

With lots of people to help we actually got to lay on the beach together without interruption!! Bonus :) Thanks so much everyone for all your hands on help. Next time I see Matthew Schembri he will change a diaper!!! Watch out :)

The Brady man's best friend JJ!! I asked Rylee to help we teach Brady to say "Mama" and she told me that he only likes to say "Dada and JJ"

Mimi and Grandpa and all the grand kids!
Why is Allison always taking pictures with the boys?!?
My Best cousin!

Kinda cute?!?

I love this picture of Brady . . . he couldn't take it anymore!

Love me some Miss Rylee

God forbid Brady ever have a mug shot but if he did I assume it would look something like this!!!
Who Me??
Look at those blue eyes!
Nobody was feeding Brady so he decided to take maters into his own hands and eat watermelon out of the trash. Little did he know it was sitting in an almost empty glass of sangria!! That makes for good watermelon. Note to self don't forget to feed the baby!!!!!

More random pics from the infamous steel drum party! I think it was a smashing success, everyone came via bicycle, foot or scooter and the biggest fan of the music besides Grandpa was Brady. He was mesmerised by the steel drum beat!

I am so glad Matt, Courtney, Miss and Ryan got to come down for the weekend and surprise everyone it was great! Next Labor day I would like a little more sun and a little less cloud and wind!
I guess that means summer is officially over and the school year is upon us. Until next summer :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

1st day of preschool!

Oh my goodness where does the time go? 
I feel like I have been saying that alot recently.  But all of a sudden I have a big girl and it makes me miss the little baby she once was and really cherish every baby moment I get with Brady.  In a blink of an eye they are off to school and if it's only preschool it's school non the less! 
She was so excited to start school.  Yaya came down and took her shopping for her first day of school outfit.  She and I crafted her bucket that she takes to school; she wanted it to have polka dots and a bow on it. . . I knew I love that munchski!!
1st day of school pics!  Is she really ready for 1st day of school pics.  I think I am in a small state of denial!!
My big girl!
My best friend little buddy and side kick is going to school . . .tear!
Walking into preschool with bucket in hand!
Family shot!
So happy! 
 I knew that she would not be a hanger-oner or a cryer and she wasn't.  She marched right in gave her teachers a hug, handed out her apple cookies and was ready for me to leave.  I was 100% sure I wasn't going to cry . . . boy was I wrong!!  There wasn't visible tears rolling down my face but under my very large sunglasses there was!
Ms. Crawford!!
Rylee picked a spot for her bucket!
As Chris is trying to take this last picture I'm trying to say goodbye and she is worried what the fish in her class' name is!  She probably could have driven herself there too!
All too soon it will be kindergarten and I will be a big mess!!  Brady stay little forever please!!!!
I still can't believe she is going to school somebody make it slow down I can't take it . . . .
Live from the 1st day of school

Friday, September 2, 2011

Best Neighborhood EVER!!!

I must say that we have the most AMAZING neighbors in our neighborhood!!  Ever since we moved in it has just felt like home!!  We get together about 3 times a year for these wonderful block parties, Summer, Spring, and the Holiday's.  They have been so popular that people are asking when the next one is.  We are going to have a Halloween party this year and I am really looking forward too that!
Our neighborhood was just fetured in our local magazine . . .

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Bachelorette Mandi!

Vegas Baby!!
Yes that is the location of zillions upon zillions of bachelorette parties and I was sooo happy to be a part of this special bachelorette's party :) Mandi B and I have been friends since 9th grade (since 1995 to be exact) Yikes that seems like a lifetime ago! But it's only fitting that we be in each others weddings. She was a big part of mine and I am happy to be a big part of hers!
We had a wonderful time going out on the town and laying out by the pool. I could have stayed at the pool all day long it was perfect!
Brittany planned the whole thing and it went off just perfectly. We went with a fabulous bunch of girls that will make Mandi's special day just perfect!
Getting ready to go out is half the fun!
Blue feather boas pretty much set us apart from everyone in Vegas. You could see us coming a mile away with those things on. By the end of the night we all looked like smurfs!!
Can't wait for her big day. Rylee and I are in the wedding and get to share her special day with her!! Congrats Mandi you are almost married! Whoo Hoooooooo!!
Live from Sin City,