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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Bachelorette Mandi!

Vegas Baby!!
Yes that is the location of zillions upon zillions of bachelorette parties and I was sooo happy to be a part of this special bachelorette's party :) Mandi B and I have been friends since 9th grade (since 1995 to be exact) Yikes that seems like a lifetime ago! But it's only fitting that we be in each others weddings. She was a big part of mine and I am happy to be a big part of hers!
We had a wonderful time going out on the town and laying out by the pool. I could have stayed at the pool all day long it was perfect!
Brittany planned the whole thing and it went off just perfectly. We went with a fabulous bunch of girls that will make Mandi's special day just perfect!
Getting ready to go out is half the fun!
Blue feather boas pretty much set us apart from everyone in Vegas. You could see us coming a mile away with those things on. By the end of the night we all looked like smurfs!!
Can't wait for her big day. Rylee and I are in the wedding and get to share her special day with her!! Congrats Mandi you are almost married! Whoo Hoooooooo!!
Live from Sin City,

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