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Monday, October 31, 2011

Hlinka Family Circus!

Halloween is a great holiday. Rylee and Chris love it because they get to dress up and act crazy. I tried to get Rylee to decide on a costume early so I could get it and not have to worry about I . Soooo once I got her secured we I thought it would be a great idea for us to have a themed costume this year! What better than the circus. We had all gone to the circus when they were in town and Rylee loved the clown, that was the idea struck. Perfect clown costume easy and I wanted to be the ring master double perfect, now what will the boys be. Brady made a perfect strong man and I wanted to Chris to be the bearded lady but got vetoed :( I guess it takes two ring masters to control this circus. So we had a it the perfect circus. . .2 ring masters 1 clown and 1 strong man!!!!!!
We carved our pumpkins and Brady wanted to eat all the seeds and kept putting everything that was scooped out of the pumpkin back in. Chris would take it out and Brady would put it back. Rylee didn't want to get her hands dirty which I thought was pretty odd for her, but she used the scooper and did a pretty good job . . .

Rylee is the perfect Halloween girl. She sat perfectly still while I did her hair and make-up, she wanted more sparkles and had to have the red nose!
Our perfect neighborhood had a great Halloween party. All of her neighbor friends dressed up and played games and danced the night away. Brady was still sick and couldn't make it to the party :(
Halloween night and Brady was ready to rock! The Hlinka family circus in full effect!
Brady didn't like his costume too much, he was kind of like that kid from a Christmas Story . . . I can't put my arms down!
Yaya and JJ came down to help pass out candy and walk around trick or treating. Jj is the best candy passer outer ever!
Yaya and the Strong man.
He never made it to a door but he rode in the stroller all around the block until he finally passed out.
AHHhhhhhhhhhh . . . . . ..
The neighborhood dads did a great job corralling the kids so nobody got lost. It was so cute all the kids would get in a line behind one of the dads and then all run up to the door get their candy and run to get back in line to walk to the next house. So precious!
The strong man couldn't take it anymore!
I'm a happy clown!
When we got home she helped Jj pass out what was left of the candy. After all the candy had been passed out Rylee dumped out all her loot and decided what she wanted and what she wanted to share!
The Ring Masters!!!
Halloween took a long time to get here but once it did, it sure was fun! I liked having a theme, there might only be a short window of opportunity to do it so I'll take advantage of it while I can. Next year Brady will have more say in what he wants to be and will be one of the kids standing in line waiting to trick or treat with the neighbor kids. I love that we live in such a wonderful neighborhood, we had a great time walking around with all our friends taking in all the Halloween festivities!
I'm already thinking of our theme for next year . . . .
Live from he spooky world,

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nigh night songs…

Just laying in bed trying to sleep listening to Rylee sing every song she knows over and over and over! The wheels on the bus … itsy it's a pider …. krinkle krinkle … grace (from school) … rock a bye baby … and the real nigh night song …
Nigh night Rylee
Nigh night Rylee
Close your eyes
Close your eyes
Call me when you wake up
Call me when you wake up
Close your eyes
Close your eeeeyyyyeeeesssss!!

I could lay here every night and listen to her! So precious i couldn't pass up the impromptu laying in my bed typing on my iPhone blog!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

1st trip to the Emergency Room . . .

 . . . . and I hope it's our last! 
Brady came down with a "normally high" fever of 102 around 9am. He was kind of funky and his belly would hurt when I pushed on it or changed his diaper.  I called the dr. and they told me they didn't have any apts but if the fever got higher to go to the ER.  I think I have a phobia of the ER.  I have never been there, I always think the wait is going to be to long and my child won't be sick enough for the ER.  Non the less around 1:30 I took his temp and it was 104.8.  I called Chris, put my ER fears aside and jumped in the car headed to the ER!  When they admitted us 45 minutes from when I took his temp the nurse told us it was 106.9 I would have never believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes!!! Thankfully he had no seizures!
 They quickly rushed us into a room hooked him up to an IV and pumped the little guy full of fluids.  After that it was blood draws, X-Rays and a catheter.  Poor guy Chris and I felt so bad for him. We had to call my parents to come down and get Rylee so she wouldn't have to hang out in the ER full of screaming children and watching Brady getting poked and prodded.
 After they put in the IV I realized that they put in his hand of the thumb he sucks!  Worst mother, I should have thought of that when they were deciding what hand to use.  He was such a trooper with his little IV cast.
After a slew of test, blood, urine and X-rays the doctors ruled out pneumonia, appendicitis and even tested for mononucleosis!  The doctors decided it was a virus! After all that  . . . a Virus?? Well I guess that is better than what it could have been.  Luckily he woke up this morning feeling better and his fever was way down only 100.1!
I don't ever want to go to the ER ever again.  Children's hospital wasn't as bad as I had imagined. We only waited half an hour and had wonderful nurses and doctors (but I still don't want to have to go back!)
The Brady man is such a trooper hope he is back to his old self come Halloween so we can go trick or treating and have some fun!!
Live from the wild world,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

POST 100!!!

 What a momentous occasion post 100 . . . I can't believe it . . . I thought my little family blog wouldn't make it past blog post #5.
So it's kind of fitting that this post be about nothing more than how much I love my kiddos!
The Brady man went to his 15 month check up this morning. 3 shots (and a tsp.of Tylenol) later he is happier than than the picture above.  After his stats came back it was conclusive that he is meant to be a D-1 linebacker!  26lbs = 70% and 33.5in tall = 95% and a 19in dome = 75%  The kid is a beast!
Brady likes to watch his toons from his perch high upon his shopping cart.  He throws away all his dirty diapers, shuts the trash can and runs over to give anyone in the near vicinity a high five!  The third tooth on the bottom is finally coming in and there is clear fluid running out from every orifice in his little body. 
Yaya got him a basketball hoop and he loves to put anything in it! Balls are flying from every direction to make it in the hoop, so far nothing has been broken . . . so far . . .
He loves climbing on EVERYTHING he can climb up and slide down the slides at the park and went on all the rides at the pumpkin patch.  Not quite the dare devil his sister is but thats ok with me :)
Chris took us to the Encinitas botanical gardens and we had a great time taking pictures and walking all over checking out all the plants.
Rylee is getting so big.  She found an "R" and had to have her picture taken with it.  She is going to preschool and loving every minute of it.  She has made a slew of new friends and comes home with new words and ideas everyday!  She recently recited the prayer they say at school with accompanying sign language.
Brady getting his new tooth wanted nothing more than to stick his fingers in his mouth all day so Rylee decided to follow suite.
If there is anything round resembling a ball in sight he picks it up, throws it and then kicks it Beckham style until it rolls down the nearest hill.  In this case it was a piece of fruit off the tree behind him . . . hey whatever works :)
We are trying to get some words out of the big man but so far not much more than Dada and JJ are coming out!!
 Rylee's latest claim to fame is that she can recite the ABC's both forward and backward (a little known trade held by the Gould children, grand children and now great grand children!) Thanks Gramps!!
 Happy 100th post to me and my little blog!  Hope you all enjoy my crazy family and all our pictures, love doing it!
Live from the wild world,
Whitney and Fam!!

Girls vs. Boys

Ok so I thought that the gender questions would come up a little sooner than today but they came today non the less.  Rylee is very curious about all the things around her and today while I was changing Brady's diaper she became quite curious.  The conversation when something like this . . . .

Rylee:  Mama why is Brady wearing that (pointing and referring to Brady's little boy parts)

Me:  Those are Brady's boy parts. You know, you have girl parts and Brady has boy parts.

Rylee:  Like Daddy?

Me: Yep just like Daddy!

Rylee:  Well, what does it do??

Me:  That is where he goes pee pee.

Rylee:  Oh . .  Well I go pee pee up here and poo poo back here (pointing at her respective parts) Does Brady go poo poo back here (pointing to his butt) and pee pee out of that?  Let me see . . .(she pushes me out of the way to get a better look about a nose length away)  Ok Mama are you ready to go to school??

Me: Yep!

And that was all she wanted to ask about that situation!!  Hope it goes that easy when the birds and the bees topic comes up . . . Yikes :)

Live from the curious world of Rylee,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bates Nut Farm 2011

 Ok so as a sidebar . . .  I love doing this blog, I love re-looking at the pictures and noticing that I type just as I talk (I am not a journalist)!  So I found that you could print your blog into a hard bound book and I jumped all over it!  I just got it in the mail yesterday and brought tears to my eyes and goose bumps from head to toe.  The moral of the story is if you want to blog about your family . . . DO IT NOW!!! 
I would have never thought that it would come to this but I love that all of our memories and crazy times are now in a bound book that I can tangibly touch and keep forever and ever and EVER!!!!! I would be sad if I never saw this picture again!!
Nooooow on to more blogging . . . .Rylee is in full swing with Halloween!  I love that she loves everything about it.  We were at Target looking for some fun Halloween stuff and Chris veered toward the Christmas isle (surprise surprise!) and Rylee told him "It's Halloween time NOT Christmas time, you will have to wait Daddy!!!" 
We went to Bates Nut Farm yet again this year and this time my family came with us.  It never fails every time we go it is hot and doesn't feel anything like fall.  My mom packed a picnic lunch with all great goodies and we had a great time.  The Brady man got his face painted and was wondering what the Hell are they putting all over my face?!?!  But  it turned out cute!
We took a hay ride around the pumpkin patch, ran through the corn maze, got our faces painted, went down the slides, had a picnic lunch and of course picked a pumpkin!!
Rylee was a little bit fragile at BNF come to find out she was getting sick  :(  Poor munchski!
BNF family
Tyring to be the first to cross the finish line at the corn maze!

Sisters. . .Sisters

Rylee wanted every little tiny pumpkin she could grab!


Little fam photo on top of giant pumpkins!

Of course my mom had to pick the biggest pumpkin at the patch all 99lbs of it!!!
Now we will have to see if Brady is brave enough to stick his little hands inside the pumpkin when carving time comes around! I vote yes he is all boy and is all dirty all the time!!
Live from the wild world,

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Legoland . . .

Chris went to Dallas last week for work, so my mom came down to have some fun with us in San Diego.  We decided that a trip to Legoland might be fun and it was a blast.  There was next to nobody there.  We walked on every ride and could have gone a million times in a row.  Rylee is crazy for roller coasters!  She throws her hands up and screams with delight the whole time.  Brady was so happy he was able to get on any of the rides!  He rode the cars and the train with Rylee and was so happy, he is getting to be such a big boy.  Thanks Mom for going to Legoland with us we had a great time :)

Live from the wild world,

Mini Photo shoot!!

 So I got this wild hair to take some fun pics of the crazies!  Since Rylee was in the wedding she is all about taking pictures, just so happens Brady is not. 
Brady is only a good picture taker when Chris is around.  He gives Chris his best smiles :)
Fun times = Fun pics