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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Girls vs. Boys

Ok so I thought that the gender questions would come up a little sooner than today but they came today non the less.  Rylee is very curious about all the things around her and today while I was changing Brady's diaper she became quite curious.  The conversation when something like this . . . .

Rylee:  Mama why is Brady wearing that (pointing and referring to Brady's little boy parts)

Me:  Those are Brady's boy parts. You know, you have girl parts and Brady has boy parts.

Rylee:  Like Daddy?

Me: Yep just like Daddy!

Rylee:  Well, what does it do??

Me:  That is where he goes pee pee.

Rylee:  Oh . .  Well I go pee pee up here and poo poo back here (pointing at her respective parts) Does Brady go poo poo back here (pointing to his butt) and pee pee out of that?  Let me see . . .(she pushes me out of the way to get a better look about a nose length away)  Ok Mama are you ready to go to school??

Me: Yep!

And that was all she wanted to ask about that situation!!  Hope it goes that easy when the birds and the bees topic comes up . . . Yikes :)

Live from the curious world of Rylee,

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