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Monday, October 31, 2011

Hlinka Family Circus!

Halloween is a great holiday. Rylee and Chris love it because they get to dress up and act crazy. I tried to get Rylee to decide on a costume early so I could get it and not have to worry about I . Soooo once I got her secured we I thought it would be a great idea for us to have a themed costume this year! What better than the circus. We had all gone to the circus when they were in town and Rylee loved the clown, that was the idea struck. Perfect clown costume easy and I wanted to be the ring master double perfect, now what will the boys be. Brady made a perfect strong man and I wanted to Chris to be the bearded lady but got vetoed :( I guess it takes two ring masters to control this circus. So we had a it the perfect circus. . .2 ring masters 1 clown and 1 strong man!!!!!!
We carved our pumpkins and Brady wanted to eat all the seeds and kept putting everything that was scooped out of the pumpkin back in. Chris would take it out and Brady would put it back. Rylee didn't want to get her hands dirty which I thought was pretty odd for her, but she used the scooper and did a pretty good job . . .

Rylee is the perfect Halloween girl. She sat perfectly still while I did her hair and make-up, she wanted more sparkles and had to have the red nose!
Our perfect neighborhood had a great Halloween party. All of her neighbor friends dressed up and played games and danced the night away. Brady was still sick and couldn't make it to the party :(
Halloween night and Brady was ready to rock! The Hlinka family circus in full effect!
Brady didn't like his costume too much, he was kind of like that kid from a Christmas Story . . . I can't put my arms down!
Yaya and JJ came down to help pass out candy and walk around trick or treating. Jj is the best candy passer outer ever!
Yaya and the Strong man.
He never made it to a door but he rode in the stroller all around the block until he finally passed out.
AHHhhhhhhhhhh . . . . . ..
The neighborhood dads did a great job corralling the kids so nobody got lost. It was so cute all the kids would get in a line behind one of the dads and then all run up to the door get their candy and run to get back in line to walk to the next house. So precious!
The strong man couldn't take it anymore!
I'm a happy clown!
When we got home she helped Jj pass out what was left of the candy. After all the candy had been passed out Rylee dumped out all her loot and decided what she wanted and what she wanted to share!
The Ring Masters!!!
Halloween took a long time to get here but once it did, it sure was fun! I liked having a theme, there might only be a short window of opportunity to do it so I'll take advantage of it while I can. Next year Brady will have more say in what he wants to be and will be one of the kids standing in line waiting to trick or treat with the neighbor kids. I love that we live in such a wonderful neighborhood, we had a great time walking around with all our friends taking in all the Halloween festivities!
I'm already thinking of our theme for next year . . . .
Live from he spooky world,

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