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Thursday, October 20, 2011

POST 100!!!

 What a momentous occasion post 100 . . . I can't believe it . . . I thought my little family blog wouldn't make it past blog post #5.
So it's kind of fitting that this post be about nothing more than how much I love my kiddos!
The Brady man went to his 15 month check up this morning. 3 shots (and a tsp.of Tylenol) later he is happier than than the picture above.  After his stats came back it was conclusive that he is meant to be a D-1 linebacker!  26lbs = 70% and 33.5in tall = 95% and a 19in dome = 75%  The kid is a beast!
Brady likes to watch his toons from his perch high upon his shopping cart.  He throws away all his dirty diapers, shuts the trash can and runs over to give anyone in the near vicinity a high five!  The third tooth on the bottom is finally coming in and there is clear fluid running out from every orifice in his little body. 
Yaya got him a basketball hoop and he loves to put anything in it! Balls are flying from every direction to make it in the hoop, so far nothing has been broken . . . so far . . .
He loves climbing on EVERYTHING he can climb up and slide down the slides at the park and went on all the rides at the pumpkin patch.  Not quite the dare devil his sister is but thats ok with me :)
Chris took us to the Encinitas botanical gardens and we had a great time taking pictures and walking all over checking out all the plants.
Rylee is getting so big.  She found an "R" and had to have her picture taken with it.  She is going to preschool and loving every minute of it.  She has made a slew of new friends and comes home with new words and ideas everyday!  She recently recited the prayer they say at school with accompanying sign language.
Brady getting his new tooth wanted nothing more than to stick his fingers in his mouth all day so Rylee decided to follow suite.
If there is anything round resembling a ball in sight he picks it up, throws it and then kicks it Beckham style until it rolls down the nearest hill.  In this case it was a piece of fruit off the tree behind him . . . hey whatever works :)
We are trying to get some words out of the big man but so far not much more than Dada and JJ are coming out!!
 Rylee's latest claim to fame is that she can recite the ABC's both forward and backward (a little known trade held by the Gould children, grand children and now great grand children!) Thanks Gramps!!
 Happy 100th post to me and my little blog!  Hope you all enjoy my crazy family and all our pictures, love doing it!
Live from the wild world,
Whitney and Fam!!

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  1. I have enjoyed all 100 posts and can't wait for the next 100! I miss you guys so much...it has been way too long since I have seen you (or even talked!) I can't believe how big your kiddos are getting. You can let Rylee know that I finally taught myself to say the alphabet backwards. I was so envious when we were kids taht you could do that...finally I took the time to do it (only 20 years later than you...better late than never!)Love you guys!