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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Guest Blogger

 X-mas time is here.....  I for one am a true fan of X-mas. 
 Yes it is I, Chris Hlinka, making a guest blog attempt.
For the last 4 years I have had the privilege of putting together a town of Whitney's Snow Village, Dept. 56 collection.  It has been nothing short of a masterpiece each year!  For the last 2 years I signed a lease with Bryn to house her collection of Snow Village, Department 56 collection which has made the town we create each year that much bigger and more exciting.  This creation we make each year could not have been done without the long term dedication from Jackie Tavaglione who has provided these gifts to Bryn and Whitney each year for x-mas as they grew up.  Thank you Jackie :)
This year we went a different route, we decided not to put up the village this year.  It was a sad day when Whitney and I agreed to this.  It was an easy decision to make only because Mr. B-man is notorious for destroying everything he touches with his "sticky" fingers and we all agreed that there was a 100% guarantee Brady would brake something.  Although we say "NO" to Brady, at this stage in his life he hasn't quite grasped the true meaning of "NO," leaving it a game for Brady and reassurance on our end that not putting up the village this year is the right thing to do.......  Honestly we are contemplating not putting up a X-mas tree this year knowing Mr. sticky fingers will surely grab ahold of the tree eventually.  BUT..... since Rylee is very much into Santa this year and all X-mas has to offer, we will be getting a x-mas tree (we may just not put up any breakable ornaments).
Since Rylee is very excited this year for Santa Claus, gifts etc. I feel that I have to do something for her.  This year i decided to decorate every edge of the house, every tree, shrub, palm with endless lights!!!  I also bought props that fit just right in our front yard.  Everything from candy canes to a moving Santa Claus mail box.  Although it was a lot of hard work (and a small investment), it all paid off when Rylee walked out the front of the house, looked at the lights and you see the priceless expression on her face, smiling from ear to ear.  It's all worth it in the end.
I'm writing this in November so yes you are correct, I did and usually do start early.  This is Chris Hlinka, guest blogger signing off.  HOHOHOHOHOHO

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Newport Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we decided to go to the beach and have a low key holiday after the crazy 60th dinner party that just about killed us :)
Rylee showing everyone how to use the laptop!!!
We relinquished our turkey making duties to the DeleDonne family, bought our pies from Polly's pies and made the dressing and gravy days ahead of time.  Jeff and Heather always deep fry their turkey on the patio of the beach house so we thought it might be fun and different for us to try it out.  We are pretty big on tradition we make the same things the same way year after year after year, and I love it!  Sooooo when Jeff said he wanted to inject our turkey with Cajun butter seasonings we about died!!
The deep fryer is not that big so we had to do two smaller turkeys.  We decided to one with butter and one with Cajun butter.
Oh the damn rolls!!
  My aunt Pam and cousins Erin and Robyn make the most amazing ice box rolls and we try to recreate them when we are not with them.  We do OK but nothing like theirs.  Ours never rise and we never know why.  Well this year we found out . . . we were always messing up a crucial part . . .THE YEAST!!!!!!  This year they turned out beautifully, they rose and were perfect!!!
Jeff injecting our precious turkey's!
The crazy kids fighting like pigeons over gold fish!
There goes our turkey walking carried off into the sunset, ready to be deep fried!
Deep fried turkey, Newport Beach style a la Jeff DeleDonne!
The guys standing around watching the turkey being lowered into the deep fryer
There he goes!
It was a beautiful week in Newport. The kids loved running around chasing and feeding the birds, jumping off lifeguard stands and even frolicking in the freezing water!
Out comes our turkey.  It looked kinda dry but once you cut into that thing it was so juicy and moist . . . I couldn't believe it!  It only took about 35minutes way better than getting up early to put that thing in the oven for 8  hours!  I think we have changed our ways, deep fried turkey was amazing!  Thanks for showing us the light DeleDonne family!
Rylee and Jace gooble goobleing!
2 Jeffs 2 Turkeys
Playing aournd on the lifeguard stand!
The deep fried turkey, rolls, pumpkin pie and many other yummy goodies were consumed around a beautiful table in Newport Beach.  It's my favorite meal of the whole year and it lived up to its reputation creole seasonings and all! After a wonderful thanksgiving surrounded by amazing family
we headed back to San Diego to unwind and crawl out of our turkey coma.
On the way home Brady couldn't resist just one more roll.  We handed it to him as we put him in the carseat, he preceeded to fall asleep before we hit the boulevard, held it all the way home and when he woke up coming off the offramp he finished it all the way home!  That is for the love of the roll :)
I don't really need a reason to get together with my family (I'll see you Thursday) but the Holiday's are a great reason to see everyone. So many parties to go to in the upcoming weeks I'm so excited AND . . . the next blog enty will be by a guest blogger . . . . . Whoo HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Live from the wild world,

Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary

Our family journey began on November 17, 1951 when you two promised to spend the rest of your lives together.  Thankfully for us that promise never failed.  From Riverside to Newport Beach to Los Gatos, the Gould clan has moved up and down California and has grown into the family we are all so thankful to be a part of.  During the last 60 years, you two have kept countless friends, watched your family grow and proved to each of us every day just how lucky we are to come from a family of such love.  Not enough words can convey what you mean to us, we hope this book is a small glimpse into why we are all so proud to know and be loved by Don and Marilyn Gould . . . .
Don and Marilyn have been married 60 big ones!  They did not want a big party, they only wanted a dinner with their whole family . . . Bruce, Allison, Stacey, Jeff, Larry, Whitney, Bryn, Matthew, Courtney, Chris, Scott, Missy, (Ryan), Rylee and Brady!  Everyone made it and it was a DIAMOND JUBILEE!!  My mother did a wonderful job of decorating her house so it was extra special dinner for the newlyweds :) 
We decided as a cumulative gift we would make them a book of over 60 years of photos combined with letters from their dearest friends and family wishing them well and sending their sincerest admiration of 60 years of wedded bliss.  It is amazing all of the lives they have touched over 60 years, friends old, young, new and old.  It seems like everyone they meet stays around forever and always wants to be invited to the party.  After all the letters were sent in for the book it seemed to me that they all said the same thing  . . . Mimi, you are the best listener and Gramps you are always up for a party and have a plan ready to be carried out, among others these are the two that stood out.  Gramps read all the letters and told Marilyn "Well, guess we've got them all fooled!!"
Courtney and Stacey flew down to Riverside to help us go through all the pictures and letters.  We picked the most perfect pictures scanned them all in and viola the book was made.  It took Bryn, my mother, Auntie Stacey, Courtney and I one 24 hour period of laughs, drinks, and memories to make.  It was such a fun weekend, I think we need to do it more often :)
Everyone had a wonderful time. I dont' think we had all been together since our wedding almost 5 years ago and the next time we will all be together will be at Matt and Missy's wedding . . . good luck guys you have big shoes to fill! 
I just love this picture!  Back in the day when pictures weren't digital and you had to hope and pray that the pictures you took were good, this picture is great . . . Don and Marilyn caught making out in the back seat of the car . . . CLASSIC!!!!
Gould family circa 1970 something! 
 Marilyn(n) Jo Miller
Rylee is loving trying to figure out her family tree.  She likes telling people that this is her brother Brady and the other day she told me she wanted a sister (not going to happen) and a couple months ago she was so excited that her cousin Robyn was going to babysit!  She always refers to Robyn as "my cousin Robyn" We have met many other cousins and its her new favorite thing.  She loves  her favorite cousin Courtney, they are even in a band called "Wake up Allison"  To get the story behind the name ask Yaya!!
Courtney and her favorite cousin in law.  Chris was so excited to show Court his famous band picture! 
Prime rib with love (hence the heart out of bacon) covered in bacon! It was wonderful!
The grand kids presenting Mimi and Gramps with "the book"
Everyone, but especially Mimi and Gramps were overwhelmed with emotion that night.  There were more tears than I have ever seen.  At any given point in the evening someone was crying.  Stories were told and many a memory was relived that night!
Everyone gathering around checking out the book!
Uncle Bruce  wanted to give his own special gift, he did a wonderful job :)
Men sitting around watching everyone cry!
Sisters . . . Sisters there were never two devoted sisters!!
Cheers to 60 wonderful years . . . .
Oldest friends since elementary school . . . that is dedication.

Dinner was fabulous. Everyone pitched in and helped and that was one of the funnest parts of the night.  Everyone standing in the kitchen trying to give their two cents.  We have been making homemade rolls for a couple years now and I though of this great idea to make them fortune rolls.  I wrote questions or "fortunes" on slips of paper and rolled them into the rolls.  I wasn't sure if it was going to work or not so we only did about 1/3 of the rolls.  During dinner it turned out to be so much fun.  Everyone wanted to find a fortune.  This is what Missy's plate looked like after trying to find her fortune, our beautiful rolls were being ripped apart like there was no love poured into them!!  Fortune rolls were a HIT!!
Little know facts about the Gould nuptials . . . there was NO wedding photo, wedding cake or wedding dress!!!  CRAZY!  So it was only fitting that we had a wedding cake and a cake cutting ceremony!!

After 60 years they are still married, still in love and still planning the next party, hope I'm invited!!
The diamond jubilee went off without a hitch and there were many more memories made because of it!  Courtney is a wonderful writer and this is what she wrote for the end of the book and it seems fitting that it should conclude this blog entry . . . (Just as a reminder I want Courtney to write my eulogy when I die!!)

Our childhoods were sprinkled with sand, soaked in sunshine, and splashed with salt water.  Memories of matching Christmas outfits, festive fourth of July fits, teeny tiny bikinis, and baggy board shorts appear in photos with gap tooth grins and silky suntans on theree little girls and one golden boy.  The clan of Gould grandchildren, we grew up four peas in a pod, two blondes and two brunetts, two Northern and two Southern California babies, all with the same gift: the love of our Mimi and Grandpa.  Together, we learned the alphabet backwards, how to ride bikes, how to boogie board, how to bake cookies and of course how to love,
Congratulations on 60 years, we love you!!